So this weekend was big hair week for our daughter. Mommy went through the process of washing her hair on Saturday morning. And believe you me, it is a process that I’m sure my wife will break down in a multiple-posts series in the near future.

Well the decision was made for her to rock the curly afro steez for the weekend. Let’s just say that before that happens again, we are going to have to make some signs with the instructions: Don’t Even Think About Touching My Hair!!

I mean come on son! We went to two restaurants over the weekend and people ranging from waiters/waitresses to customers just felt the need to come up and touch her hair. It’s as if we had a sign on her head telling them to do it so they could get a blessing or something.

Why people, why? We don’t know you. I mean you could at least ask first. Give a compliment or ask a question (and not the infamous, “Is that a wig” question either) then just ask if it’s okay to touch it. We might say yes, but then again…

But people meant well and they were all very genuine and nice. One older gentleman was just so amazed. I think he wanted to call up his out-of-town friends to tell them to come see the hair. Another woman was practically massaging her dome! Then she took one last quick touch of her hair as she walked away.

Well, we are absolutely glad that we are a believing and praying family just in case somebody was transferring some ungodly spirits. We ain’t having that, trust me.

So a lesson to all. Please ask before you touch a stranger’s hair, especially someone’s child. Actually just don’t even plan to do it. Admire from afar and no pictures please, cuz Daddy’s gonna start slappin’ your grimey hands away with the quickness (in love of course).

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