Our Hair Regimen (Then and Now)

So, in case you’re wondering about  the hair regimen for our daughter, below you find what worked for me thru the various stages of her hair. Note, I’m ALWAYS on the hunt for other organic products, so while I list/recommend a few here, there are soooooo many other products out there (which is why BabyBigHair is here to help you find the one for you!!).

Months 0-5 (new territory)

First let me say, my daughter had a TON of hair, so growing her hair was never an issue, maintaining it and preventing a bald spot was.   Personally I used Johnson & Johnson’s Soothing Naturals Head to Toe Body Wash on my daughter’s hair, washing her hair about once a week. It left her hair soooo soft and silky.   I don’t really recall putting anything else in her hair other than a dusting of baby oil for shine (too much will clog hair follicles), and would twirl a few pieces of her around my finger to define her baby fro a ‘lil, add a barrette or headband and VIOLA!!  At this stage baby products should do for any baby, you really want something soft and delicate. HOWEVER, had I stumbled upon it, I would’ve tried the “It’s a Curl” product line.  It’s all natural and made specifically for babies.   If you try and like, please let us know.

Months 5 – 24 (Carol’s Daughter reigns)

This is when I really started to experiment.  My husband, the hip hop guru he is, mentioned Will and Jada-Pinkett Smith investing in “Carol’s Daughter” (CB), a line of natural hair, skin, lip gloss, and body products, my Mother-n-law was using  some of the products as well.  So I looked it up, checked it out, and RAN to my local Sephora store and purchased the Hair Milk , Loc Butter and  Black Vanilla Leave in Conditioner.  LOVED them.  I used these after washing my daughter’s hair.  I would spray a little BV Conditioner and apply the Hair Milk and do large 1 finger twists all over her head, let it set for a few hours and pick each twist out for massive curls.  LOVED this look. Lasted for days and when it started getting frizzy, I would twirl the ends of her curly locks with a little loc butter in the morning.  I’d spray her hair with the BV Conditioner  to keep her hair soft and manageable each day.

I also tried the Healthy Hair Butter and Mimosa Hair Honey, but both seemed to be too heavy for her hair and would cause serious build up between washings.   However, I recommend them for medium course to very coarse hair.  Occasionally I still use the Mimosa Hair Honey when I need to stretch out shampooing an extra day or two.  Overall all CB products are great and I am now hooked on natural hair products, but I found my daughter’s hair was still a little dry every night.  I needed something that would not require me to remoisten her hair so often; after all she was just a baby and could only sit still for minutes at a time. Oh, I do recommend putting in a good educational video for your baby to watch to keep him/her distracted during the styling process.  We received the So You Think Your Baby Can Read language development system (thanks Grandma:) and it truly is phenomenal, I promise.  Anywho, back to  hair….

Months 24-Current (Kinky-Curly era)

Still on the hunt for that perfect natural product for my baby’s hair, I stumbled across Kinky-Curly (KC), its “Organic Curl Care for Wash & Go Hair.”  This stuff is AWESOME! I started with the the “Knot Today Leave in Conditioner”, “Curling Custard”, and most recently the “Come Clean Shampoo”.  These products truly separate my daughter’s tight curls.  After washing her hair, I apply “Knot Today” and detangle with my fingers (working from tips back to the scalp) until the point I can comb thru her hair with a wide tooth comb.  Then, I apply the Curling Custard with my fingers from her scalp to her tips and let air-dry.  Beautiful defined curls every time.

BUT it doesn’t stop there, KC now has a toddler line called “Tiny Twirls” (TT). I use the TT Styler. It’s “Formulated with just a touch of hold factor to ensure that hair styles will last through nap-time”, which I desperately needed.  I use this for twisted ponytails, or even just to spruce up her fro, it keeps a great sheen and I don’t have to remoisten her hair as often. There is also TT Shampoo and Conditioner.  I used the TT Conditioner but it was a bit on the light side for my daughter’s thick hair. I’m sticking with Knot Today.  I HIGHLY recommend the TT line of products for toddlers and I’ve read it works well for adults too!! I also want to mention KC’s “Spiral Sprtiz” is great for one and two strand twists and can also be used for daily styling between shampoos.  Next on my list to try is “Midnight Miracle” …

So that’s our journey to date in a nutshell and its subject to change as I hear of more fabulous products out there. What’s been your routine lately?

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4 replies on “Our Hair Regimen (Then and Now)

  • Alisha Henley

    Hey Lady,
    Love your blog! I was wondering if you tried Carol’s Daughter products. She has a huge hair, skin, etc. line. All of her products are natural. Anyway, if you go to her site you can actually get hair products based on your child’s (or your) hair type. By the way, Carol herself and her daughter both have naturals!

  • chloe

    Hey lady!!!! Yes, the Loc Butter, Hair Milk, Black Vanilla Shampoo Leave in Conditioner, Hair Mimosa- See my Hair Regime post. Recently been using Kinky-Curly (toddler line) products that seem to keep her hair moist and gives it a great sheen, I also dont have to reapply the products as often; like every other day. For example I did flat twists in the front and 2strand twist all over her head on Sat and just refreshed last night!! between then and know I just use a dab of the KC’s Toddler Styler and palm roll the stragglies. It’s doing the thing for her. But it is a GRIP for shipping (Toddler Line is web only), though you can find some of their “mature” products at Whole Foods. I also use this product Curly, Kinky, Natural; Easy Herbal Comb Out by Taliah Waajid (which I failed to mention in that same post. I use this after shampooing and adding the leave in conditioner (KC producs), but before applying the KC Curling Custard (for fro style) or KC Spiral Spritz and/or Styler for twists and pony tails etc. Imma highlight Taliah Waajid products real soon. She has a wealth of info on African-American hair. Oh, and I use Carol Daughter’s Body Jelly for daily moisturizing my skin and it worked wonders for my baby’s bottom in preventing diaper rash. That’s what’s up! Thanks again, glad you like and feel free to contribute – you’re pro at this by now!!


  • Angela

    Chloe, I love hearing about your baby’s hair regimen. I’m trying to perfect my own hair regimen…i wear twists most of the time, but have been trying to venture out more lately. I think I need a leave in conditioner that gives me moisture without frizz and has a slight sheen without alot of residue. Which of these products do you recommend for that? Have you considered going natural?

  • chloe

    Hi Angela! First off, Love your hair. How long have you been natural?? I know it’s been at least 10 years, right? Well. I haven’t tried too many product lines just yet but I will say Kinky-Curly has given the best results for my daughter’s twists. In particular the Tiny Twirls Styler, of their Toddler line. This products yeilds great hold and shine and leaves her hair detangled and manageable. I often get comments on how “perfect” and “shiny” her curls are. Here’s a video of a woman who used the product for her twists. A little also goes a long way, and by long way I mean 2 to 3 days before reapplying (w/a touch up here and there).

    Natural? I rocked a curly fro for 6-9 months about 5 years ago. Back then I had no clue on how to maintain, but as I’m learning now – yes, probably will after I’m done with my “spikey” hair phase. We shall see-ee..

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