Found a wonderful “101” about this posted at  This is a great read, especially for parents who may not know how to manage the needs of biracial curly hair; very informative.   CURLS is a “premium, ethnic hair care company whose purpose is to deliver quality products that cater to the unique needs of today’s multi-ethnic market. It is the first line of hair care products truly created specifically for biracial/multiracial women and girls with naturally curly hair.”  They have a slew of products for curly, wavy, and kinky hair types of all ages. If you’ve tried these products, PLEASE let BBH know.  Imma read up on CURLS and hofy (short for hopefully; yes you can use it:) try some of their products too. But honey, with Easter/Resurrection Day coming up, I want you and your babies to by FLY, no excuses – cuz you will get talked about (yes at church)!! ..LOL! jus’playin…

Also, peep Tightly Curly that’s a site/blog created by Teri LaFlesh who is “half Black and half White” (that’s how she describes herself for the politically correct out there). She demonstrates how she grew her long l natural hair. She’s also authored a book called Curly Like Me available on pre-order.I will say her Seven Basic Steps tutorial is great and pretty much sums up the hair shampooing, conditioner and detangling routine I use on my daughter (except I just use my fingers and a wide tooth comb; rarely a brush – though many blogs and hair gurus recommend it), and my daughter -who is African-American- has kinkier hair than hers.

I hope you found this information helpful, or feel free to pass along to your Fam and Friends.  Go’Head Baby, Be Curly!!

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