Now I am all about organic products for natural hair out there like Kinky-Curly, Carol’s Daughter, Jane Carter Solution, Curls and more. BUT – if I could just find the time and energy, I would love to make my own hair products. At Hair Recipes, you can learn to do just that. They have recipes listed for deep conditioner, hair growth, shampoos and more. They also have sister skin and nail care sites. Just reading some of those hair recipes makes my nose feel good! Mmmmmm. Check it out!

I’m sure that all of you fathers out there know what I’m talking about before I even start. What do you do when mommy is doing the kid’s hair? I mean, yes, we could engulf ourselves in the process and even help out. Nahhh. It’s better just to let them have that time together and find something else (non)productive to do.

So I’ve develop a quick top ten list to help when you are trying to decide what to do during that alloted time. Here goes nothing: Continue reading →

Yes, even me!!  I stumbled upon this excellent How to Flat Twist Tutorial by Pamela Ferrell of Cornrows and Co. FABulous.  I also love the fact this company is a husband wife team. Their mission is to “redefine standards of beauty and education as they relate to African-American hair.”  Mrs. Ferrell authored a book titled “Kids Talk Hair.”  The link I provided also list other books for styling natural hair.  Please be sure to check out the Books and Videos, Kids Talk Hair, and Products sections of the Cornrows and Co website for a wealth of information. Here’s a close up of my 1st attempt at flat twisting, ..well, intentionally flat twisting, LOL!  Not bad, huh?  This style is great for either tight or loose curls, so give it a try. Go’Head Baby, Do The Twist!!

Craft Time!  Ok, so remember whenI mentioned customizing a headband to match a dress (or an outfit) in the Holiday Hair post?  Well, here’s mine.  You like?  Interesting enough, I made this about a year and 1/2 ago to match this adorable polkadot and stripped outfit that was given to my daughter as present.  It consists of 3 different kinds of ribbon. I stitched each piece of the bow to the band building from the bottom layer up, glued on some “shimmies” from a previous art project, and stitched the ends of the band to black elastic.  It’s hideous underneath, but hey, no one sees that anyway.

I was thrilled when I realized it matched my daughter’s Easter dress this year and whipped that bad boy out again for its (likely) final use. Stretched the elastic piece a little, and it was as fresh as the day I made it.  So, you like?  You should try it one day. Again a little glue and imagination…  You can try hand-stitching/sewing later.  It’s the memory that matters most.

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So I’m just waiting for the day for our daughter to ask my wife, “Hey mommy, where’s daddy’s hair?”. With a tear in my eye and the straightest shoulder-to-tip-of-index-finger possible I’m going to point at her and say, “Have you looked in the mirror lately!! Huh, have you?!” Hahaha.

But seriously, I do think the shorty doo-wop took my hair. Maybe not all of it, but some of it. In my youth I used to have the biggest afro in the community. Kids could play hide and go seek in that joint. It was big enough that if I wanted, I could stash my sippy cup in it and pull it out when I needed a drink (like the one Super Globetrotter, Sweet Lou, on the 1970s old school cartoon, remember?). Continue reading →