Craft Time!  Ok, so remember whenI mentioned customizing a headband to match a dress (or an outfit) in the Holiday Hair post?  Well, here’s mine.  You like?  Interesting enough, I made this about a year and 1/2 ago to match this adorable polkadot and stripped outfit that was given to my daughter as present.  It consists of 3 different kinds of ribbon. I stitched each piece of the bow to the band building from the bottom layer up, glued on some “shimmies” from a previous art project, and stitched the ends of the band to black elastic.  It’s hideous underneath, but hey, no one sees that anyway.

I was thrilled when I realized it matched my daughter’s Easter dress this year and whipped that bad boy out again for its (likely) final use. Stretched the elastic piece a little, and it was as fresh as the day I made it.  So, you like?  You should try it one day. Again a little glue and imagination…  You can try hand-stitching/sewing later.  It’s the memory that matters most.

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