Product Spotlight: Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey

So, as some of you may know from my hair regimen post when I first started caring for my baby daughter’s hair, I fell in love with Carol’s Daughter (CB) products but found the Mimosa Hair Honey was a little to heavy for her hair.  Well, I was getting low on my favorite styling product, Kinky Curly’s Tiny Twirls Styler, and had to grab something to “make it stretch”.  I had about a half jar left of the Mimosa and used it while rewetting my daughter’s hair with a spray bottle mixed with water and a little Kinky Curly’s Knot Today Leave In Conditioner and got to twisting using a fingertip dab for each twist. ** Emphasis on using Mimosa while rewetting her hair** Boy oh boy, glorious locks, INCREDIBLE shine with hold and less frizzies. Can’t wait to do a a twist out. I am not going to lie, I slept on this product for a good year and a half.  But used in conjunction with the techniques and tips I’m learning for natural hair, this might be a staple again. What CB products do you like??

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