Last week I posted pics of a twisted ‘do on BBH. Honestly I had an amazing twist out for her school pic, but rushing to get us both to school/work in the am, didnt take the greatest pics and it was a hot mess from playing with her “hair out” all day when I picked her up. Anywho.  Here are a few pics (excuse the cell phone pics and horrid flash!) showing how I worked with the parts from the initial twisted style to achieve a number of looks, from a full  Twist Out (for pic day), to a twisted bun, then “Hair Out” w/a real hairbow:), and lastly “piggy back” braids  and braids/bantu knots combo.   I achieved all these looks over a course of 2 weeks.  After this last hair washing, I’m now back to our standard small twists style (I needed a break!).  All that to say, work with what you have..Be Curly, but also Be Creative! [nggallery id=10]

You know…  I just love twisting.  Its easy to do and simple to take down.  Don’t get me wrong, braids and platting look great.  But as a working Mommy w/severe intolerance to frizz and fuzz, I just dont have time lawd.  I am a much faster twister. This is a little something I whipped up for BBH.  Just started parting w/no rhyme or reason other than cornrows in the front into a ponytail off of her face.  *Disclaimer – still perfecting cornrows* I think it came out pretty good.  Over the next few days I’ll show you different looks I came up with, just by saving and reusing the parts.  Hair concoction was a spritz of water, dab of Kinky-Curly’s Tiny Twirls Styler and Curls Creme Brule from Target. Beautimus.   Check it out, tell me what you think.. Anybody else have fun styles with twists??[nggallery id=9]

OK.  Maybe I’m late but, this blog is a great find.  I can truly appreciate a mother that is working multiple heads of hair at any given time (Stronge, give it up for Stronge ya’ll!!!).  I just can’t imagine the time and care.  Mommy Natacha believes “Grooming your daughter’s natural hair is easy when you know what to do.”   Please click on over and check it out.  Some great tutorials and info on kiddo maintenance and styles.  Be Curly!



Creme Brule Twist Out

The other day I posted about how this product saved BBH’s hair.  I “touched up” her style last night and thought I’d show the amazing twist out I got from using this product mixed with a dab of Shea Butter on slightly damp hair.  I can not believe this is the same head of dry hair I had over the weekend.  I dont think I even needed the Shea Butter.

Anywho.  Hope this pic gives this product a little justice. You can purchase online at Target here. Also, here is a listing of the entire Curls line on there website. Be curly – out.

I stumbled across Curls in Target the other day on the hunt for a good daily moisturizer.  I’ve read great reviews about Curls and decided to try the Creme Brule for styling.  Well to back up a bit, on a whim I washed BBH’s hair and didn’t do my normal “pre-poo” routine AND didn’t use the Beautiful Curl Curling Creme. Results – DRY DRY DRY.  So I broke out the Brule and applied to gently spritzed hair.  Results: Easy detangling, moisture, sheen and happy hair:)  Me likes.  I may just have to try more of their products.  Sorry no pics, but trust.  It is good.  Learn more about the Curls line here. Note, the Curls line sold at Target is a sister line.

A quote from the website about this particular product:

The Creme Brule is a moisturizing styling cream that will effectively penetrate the hair shaft, provide all day curl hydration, defrizz, and add shine to the hair. It has a level of moisturizing richness to it but it is not heavy or dense at all. Nor, does it have a light, very thin consistency to it either. Instead, it has the perfect smooth creamy consistency that is neither heavy nor overly light. And, if one’s hair is extremely dry, this product is buildable in the hair.


I love Tightly Curly’s site (TC).  It was one of the first blogs I found that really hipped me to caring for Baby Big Hair’s hair; the other being Beads, Braids, & Beyond.  Here is a link on TC’s site for caring for baby and toddler hair and defining curls.  THIS WORKS PEOPLE.  Of course no hair is as perfect as “Day One” hair, but you can let them wear hair “out” for a few days with a little bit of TLC.

Since BBH’s hair has grown much longer  and w/the dryer months, I’m more prone to twists and twist outs on BBH, but I can’t wait until it warms up so I can get back to defining and letting her hair naturally dry in the sun. Hhhhh. It’s simply devine. Here’s a pic of one of my last good defining sessions.  We call it her “curly fro”.  Go’Head Baby, Be Curly!!

Quick “Sunday Hair Share”.  I call them  twisted buns.  You can achieve this look fairly quickly if the hair is detangled.  I moisturized her hair with a mix of  extra virgin olive oil, dab of Organikah “Whipped Hair Butter”,  and light (very light) spritz of water/leave in mixture. I parted her hair and began separating each banded tail into small sections for twists with the end of a rat tail comb. I decided to do rope twists (or my version of it, LOL!) for a more clean and crisp look; though you may see a few 2-strands in there.  Once each tail was completely twisted in about 6-8 twists, I took the longest one, wrapped it around the band to cover it and secured with a bobby pin.  I then took the remaining twists, grouped them into 2 halfs and twisted the ends together, banded with a small black band at the bottom and tucked it under with another bobby pin and fanned it out. The bang is a flat twist which I opted to twirl at the end and secured with a small black band.  Later in the day, I took that out and she had a little spiral twist framing her face.  We liked!

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