Quick “Sunday Hair Share”.  I call them  twisted buns.  You can achieve this look fairly quickly if the hair is detangled.  I moisturized her hair with a mix of  extra virgin olive oil, dab of Organikah “Whipped Hair Butter”,  and light (very light) spritz of water/leave in mixture. I parted her hair and began separating each banded tail into small sections for twists with the end of a rat tail comb. I decided to do rope twists (or my version of it, LOL!) for a more clean and crisp look; though you may see a few 2-strands in there.  Once each tail was completely twisted in about 6-8 twists, I took the longest one, wrapped it around the band to cover it and secured with a bobby pin.  I then took the remaining twists, grouped them into 2 halfs and twisted the ends together, banded with a small black band at the bottom and tucked it under with another bobby pin and fanned it out. The bang is a flat twist which I opted to twirl at the end and secured with a small black band.  Later in the day, I took that out and she had a little spiral twist framing her face.  We liked!

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