Twists with Curls Creme Brule (Target)

You know…  I just love twisting.  Its easy to do and simple to take down.  Don’t get me wrong, braids and platting look great.  But as a working Mommy w/severe intolerance to frizz and fuzz, I just dont have time lawd.  I am a much faster twister. This is a little something I whipped up for BBH.  Just started parting w/no rhyme or reason other than cornrows in the front into a ponytail off of her face.  *Disclaimer – still perfecting cornrows* I think it came out pretty good.  Over the next few days I’ll show you different looks I came up with, just by saving and reusing the parts.  Hair concoction was a spritz of water, dab of Kinky-Curly’s Tiny Twirls Styler and Curls Creme Brule from Target. Beautimus.   Check it out, tell me what you think.. Anybody else have fun styles with twists??[nggallery id=9]

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3 replies on “Twists with Curls Creme Brule (Target)

  • Big hair rules

    Why do people hate frizz and fuzz so much? It’s beautiful and natural and I wish more women would allow their hair to do it’s thing. Still, her hair is very pretty anyway.

  • chloe

    Thank you Big Hair Rules! (And it does!) Dont get me wrong…. we love BIG HAIR, and I mean big hair. So does BBH; the bigger the better. When she’s older I’ll do it more. But when I style her hair in twists, braids etc, I like to keep that style looking fresh and neat…. you just reminded me to post more BIG HAIR pics:) Thanks for stopping by. We love feedback/thoughts!

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