Welcome to BABY BIG HAIR BLAST where we highlight “Big Hair” artisans and their muses:)  Up next to the BBH stage is “Precious Ayania”.  I personally was smitten with by her BIG HAIR and that sweet little face!! This is one busy little bee!!!  We took some time out with Mommy to get the scope on this little cutie patootie:)  Let’s get to it, shall we??

CALLING ALL BBH FRO PICS!!  Would love to see some good ‘ol fashioned baby fros:) Came across this oldy but goody last night.   Ahhhh, the beginnings of BIG HAIR! Notice the Loc Butter in the background?  I would finger the coil the ends for a nice finish.  Precious..

Target is my spot. Check out these price friendly items you can find near the entrance of every store. $1 ouchless scrunch bands.

20110621-022101.jpg also found these great containers ranging from $1-2.50 that would be great hair accessory organizers with some imagination..


20110621-022302.jpg And last but not least, check out this BIG HAIR comb for $1…..

20110621-022431.jpgOK. That was in the clown section, but I thought it was TOO funny, lol!!

Also, check out the hair section. Some Targets carry natural hair care products like Curls and Kinky Curly.. Anywho, get thee to Target and Be Curly!!

20110617-044120.jpg The evening before, simply moisturize hair by spritzing with water and leave’in mixture (i use a spray bottle). Apply your fav daily moisturizer or styling creme and twists in large plats (or braids) all over the head. Cover with cap (or even cut off panty hose; make sure its not too tight). Next day, untwist and piece out (after your bbh is dressed; trust me). Hair should be well moisturized for the day. Enjoy! and embrace the fuzz by the end of the day, big hair happens:) Be curly!!

20110614-044318.jpgWow! Can’t believe it!! BBH now has 150 FB followers!! And we appreciate every last one of you:) We’re humbled. It’s been a journey and we’ve made great friends along the way. Stay tuned for more. Be Curly!!

Headed to the Zoo this morning. Decided to wash w/Kinky Curly’s Come Clean, conditioned with Kinky Curly’s Tiny Twirls Conditioner (really needed something stronger though). I then Detangled with Beautiful Curls Curly to Kinky Leave In. And smoothed sections with Beautiful Curls Curly to Kinky Curling Creme. Air dried. Results: BIG HAIR!! Loves. Next time I’ll be a bit more generous with the leave-in…

So were still hanging in there w/these twists. I wanted to do something really nice for church and decided to do a Knot Twist Out inspired by Naptural85 Bantu Knot Twist Out. Beads, Braids, & Beyond posted about this same tutorial not long ago (Check out her results here). I spritzed her hair with my water/leave in concoction, rubbed Kinky Curly’s Tiny Twirls Styler and a bit of Beautiful Curls Curling Creme then flat twisted the twists into bantu knots at the ends like the tutorial. She wore her trusty silk cap to bed.

20110609-043829.jpg The next morning, I twist out the knots and the flat twists, then did a full twist out of her rope twists. In essence, a DOUBLE (maybe Triple?!?)  twist out. We LOVE this look. BBH was thrilled. Most definitely a staple style for this BBH:)


bantu twistout.jpg

bantu twist out 2.jpg

Go’Head Baby, Be curly!

bantu knot out twist out