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For our very first BABY BIG HAIR BLAST, where we highlight “Big Hair” artisans and their muses:), it is our pleasure to sound the horn and introduce to the BBH stage new blogger “Goldilocks*n*Me”.  This mommy is fast and fierce with her hands.  We are amazed at how many styles she turns out and how often (seriously!). So we went one on one with this star rookie  to get the scoop on her beautiful girl and their amazing hair journey.  Read and see on…


Goldilocks is so easy to keep entertained during hair time.  She’s usually content to play with her hair accessories.  Make patterns with the bands, find the barrettes’ “buddies” (matches).  Sometimes she’ll brush her doll’s hair while I do hers.  She’s like her daddy, a talker, so half the time we just talk!  Sometimes talking doesn’t work though, specifically when she’s tired.  If I can’t avoid doing her hair when she’s tired then I’ll turn on the tv for her.  And if it’s a really long hair session like cornrows or something.  We’ll bust out the pillows and she’ll just lay down.  As long as she’s comfortable she generally won’t fuss.goldilocks n me

BBH: What are your fav products these days?

G*M*N: Products are crazy these days, I’m trying so many different things!  But I definitely have some favs.  I love my Herbal Essences Hello Hydration conditioner.  It’s cheap, it’s accessible, it smells great and it works so well!  I didn’t know what conditioner could do until I bought this one.  I love it.  I’m hearing through the grapevine something about them changing their formula which I’ll have to check into, but I have lots of it “in stock” at the house anyway.  For Goldilocks and her 2 brothers I like using Kinky Curly Curling Custard on their damp hair for wash and go’s.  It gives great hold without the “crunch” of gel, and it’s great for short or long hair.  It’s moderately expensive BUT a little goes a long way.  I’m trying to convert my husband but he loves his crunchy gel, lol.  I also really like Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion.  It does not contain mineral oil, it’s light enough to use on Goldilocks’ hair (her hair really can’t tolerate a lot of product) and it’s accessible.  I’m all about convenience, I want a good product that I can go to the store and buy at a moment’s notice should I run out.goldilocks n me

BBH: How does Goldilocks feel about her hair??  – I already know that answer:)

G*N*M: Goldilocks really loves her hair.  And the best part about it is she loves her hair even more since I’ve gone natural myself.  She loves matching her hairstyle with mine.  She likes her big hair, she loves her curls…  She likes doing length checks in the shower to see how much her hair is growing with proper hair care.  She loves the compliments she gets when we do fun styles like the hair hearts or the ribbons.  Yeah, she’s totally into it!goldilocks bow

BBH: Tips or fav “quick” styles?

G*N*M: I’m almost too new at this to feel worthy of giving any tips!  But… there was one I liked from a website I found called  When applying conditioner she said and I quote “Ignore what the bottle recommends. The recommendations are for wimpy hair. Your hair is not wimpy.”  I couldn’t agree more and I live by this rule!  Conditioner is our friend 🙂  For quick and easy styles, I’m all about the ponytails.  My daughter is a ponytail girl.  She loves to play and has 2 brothers that she’s constantly trying to keep up with so this is our go-to style.  Goldilocks is 6 so she’s still young enough to wear 2 ponytails (1 on each side).  We’ll also do 1 ponytail in the back, or my favorite, a nice low ponytail on the side.  These are perfec
t for day 2 of a braidout or day 2 of a wash and go.  Add a cute accessory and you’re good to go!  I also use banding as a style.  If you use rainbow colored bands it can last for a few days with any outfit and you never have to change accessories!
goldilocks cornrow twisted

BBH: Anything else you think folks would like to know, especially mommies (or daddies:) new to the game?

G*N*M: For mommies new to the game (including myself) I have one piece of advice.  Experiment.  Everybody’s hair is different, every product is different on every type of hair, and you won’t get the same results that the next person may get.  But don’t be discouraged because there truly is something out there for everyone.  Your go-to product or perfect natural style is out there waiting to be discovered!  You may as well have fun with the process because it is truly a journey, so enjoy the trip!

Well said Goldilocks*n*Me!! Go Head’ Baby!  Is not Goldilocks just PRECIOUS?!?!?!





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