So were still hanging in there w/these twists. I wanted to do something really nice for church and decided to do a Knot Twist Out inspired by Naptural85 Bantu Knot Twist Out. Beads, Braids, & Beyond posted about this same tutorial not long ago (Check out her results here). I spritzed her hair with my water/leave in concoction, rubbed Kinky Curly’s Tiny Twirls Styler and a bit of Beautiful Curls Curling Creme then flat twisted the twists into bantu knots at the ends like the tutorial. She wore her trusty silk cap to bed.

20110609-043829.jpg The next morning, I twist out the knots and the flat twists, then did a full twist out of her rope twists. In essence, a DOUBLE (maybe Triple?!?)  twist out. We LOVE this look. BBH was thrilled. Most definitely a staple style for this BBH:)


bantu twistout.jpg

bantu twist out 2.jpg

Go’Head Baby, Be curly!

bantu knot out twist out

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