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For our very first BABY BIG HAIR BLAST, where we highlight “Big Hair” artisans and their muses:), it is our pleasure to sound the horn and introduce to the BBH stage new blogger “Goldilocks*n*Me”.  This mommy is fast and fierce with her hands.  We are amazed at how many styles she turns out and how often (seriously!). So we went one on one with this star rookie  to get the scoop on her beautiful girl and their amazing hair journey.  Read and see on…

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20110609-103456.jpgThree weeks in they were still hanging in there with a few touch ups. But it was time to switch up. I applied a little Kinky Curly Tiny Twirls Styler and braided her twists in very large plats over night. Namely to eliminate fizz vs. the crinkly effect. Shook out in the morning and added 3 fun Bantu Knots on the side. Initially I had the entire front side with knots, but BBH wasn’t having it, so I left a left a couple twist down. I also used color bands to make the knots “funky”. We were out the door; actually she and daddy were out the door. I needed mommy time (thanks again daddy:)…



Three Strand Twist Tutorial This is a great Three Strand Twist tutorial for the twister in you:) Three strand twists elongate the hair more than two strand twist, last longer  and the twist-out is AMAZING. See below pics of some of our results in the past.   I also like to do 3 strand twist at the very ends of rope twists or 2 strand twists to keep BBH’s hair from unraveling.  **Warning**  Resist the urge to braid.  Those of you who have done these know exactly what I’m talking about. If you haven’t ventured out, give it a try and let me know what you think!