Well, a couple weeks ago we decided to get some fresh pictures of BBH since she was dressed all pretty in her greeny-green and had a super Big Hair day. So after church we took a few (hundred) pictures, outside on what had to be one of the HOTTEST days of the summer. Man it was hooottttt!!!! What were WE thinkin’?

So obviously we had to make this into the quickest photo shoot ever. Mommy was the stylist and in control of the props (bubbles), I had the camera and we were on our way. Well, by the end we were all dripping wet with sweat (the whole thing only lasted about 15-20 minutes) but we came up with some pretty solid shots of BBH. Check out the fro-tos and tell us what you think. Continue reading →

Welcome to BABY BIG HAIR BLAST where we highlight “Big Hair” artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Monica and handsome Little Guy, and oowee what a cutie pie! We’re SO EXCITED about this first Boy Blast we don’t know what to do with ourselves!! HHhhh. Ok, so first let me tell you a little bit about Mommy Monica. She has a boys natural hair blog called Hair and Heart (don’t you just love that name?). Now come on, you dont come across those every day unfortunately. So I just had to “chat” down with Mommy and get the dealio on that there blog and Little “Cutie Pie” Guy! Let’s get right on with it, shall we?

BBH: What led you to blog about boys’ natural hair?
I was having a hard time finding blogs that showcased, for a better word, “masculine” hairstyles. Many of the blogs focused on children really encompass the female market. So I started my own blog to help other moms in my predicament while at the same time providing them with some alternate products as I had a lot of complaints myself of the smell of some products being too floral or perfumy. [BBH: Wow, I NEVER thought of that!!]

BBH: What is your hair washing routine?
I wash Little Guy’s hair once a week, usually on Sunday. Most of the time I keep his hair either braided or twisted up and I let them down for the weekend. The day of washing I soak his hair in some type of detangling agent and let it sit for a while. Afterwards, I wash with shampoo and deep condition and detangle while he is in the tub.

BBH: How do you keep Little Guy’s hair moisturized?
I don’t really have a problem with the moisture factor until I take the hair out of his “protective style”. I use the moisturizing sprays by Shea Moisture lightly during the week [BBH: Uhp, there’s that infamous product line again!!], topped off with a little jojoba oil to battle any dryness that may occur.

BBH: How does Little Guy feel about his hair?
Little Guy doesn’t really express any interest in his hair, lol. He just sees it as a part of himself.

BBH: Fav styling products these days?
I use several products for Little Guy’s hair because I am a product junkie. *whew, glad I got that off my chest* [BBH: Hi everyone, I’m BBH’s Mommy, and I too am a product junkie, LOL!]. I mainly stick with butters and creams for his hair as they seem to keep it supple and shiny without being greasy. I guess to narrow it down; my favorites to use on Little Guy are Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie [BBH: OK, for real. Is Shea Moisture lightweight advertising on this blog?!?], Bee Mine Curly Butter and Little Penguins Fresh Cream.

BBH: What are your thoughts on cutting his hair?
I cut Little Guy’s hair a few days after his second birthday; he is now three, mostly due to some familial pressures. It was cut to about an inch long and wouldn’t even curl up as you can see in the picture. Now his hair is at least seven inches all over. I was very upset when it was all said and done (and I definitely caught a lot of slack from other sites where I posted Little Guy’s story for my care about hair on “a boy”). In hindsight I’m glad I did it because he had “baby head” where it was a bit patchy and the cut evened it out. I don’t plan on cutting his hair any time soon, but I if he asked to have it cut in the future, I would definitely oblige his request. [BBH: Awhhh, nice Mommy]

BBH: Last but not least, anything you would like to share about haircare in general, styling and/or experiences?
I have had a hard time finding that perfect product for wash and gos. I’ve seen several boys a la Jaden Smith with those free hanging curls and I like that look for Litttle Guy. I haven’t found it yet but my motto is try and try and try again. Don’t dismiss a product because it didn’t work the first time. Try to use it in a different way or in conjunction with something else.

In terms of styling, I have been trying for the life of me to become an expert cornrower. I am failing, miserably. The braiding is getting a lot better but its still not great. [BBH: Yes, I feel your pain…hhhmmm, let’s go buy more products!!!]

Big BBH thanks to Mommy Monica and Little Guy! Isn’t he just as cute as he wants to be?? And why do boys always get those beautiful eyelashes!! Kudos to Mommy for breaking from the norm and doing her own thing. We all yield to familial pressures at times, but mommies like you inspire Big Hair for Boys!! Most ‘def on your team!! Please check out Hair and Heart for natural boy hair tips, bits, product reviews and more. Dont forget the “Like” the Hair and Heart Facebook Page. Whew! What a BLAST!! No pun intended..

Go’Head Baby!

As most of you know, we found a “tub” of gold in Queen Helene’s Royal Curl (RC) Curl Shaping Creme (see our product review here). In our review I mentioned that Curl Shaping Creme was such a delight it had me going back to Whole Foods to get a bottle of RC’s Curl Smoothing Oil (RC’s Smoothing Oil). On another related post, Pipe Cleaners Parts I-III (Po’man’s Strawllers, LOL!), I showed you how to use pipe cleaners to curl braids and/or twists. Well the glistening braids in that tutorial were the byproduct of RC’s Smoothing Oil!

Where shall I start? Ok, so after Rockin’ BIG HAIR and Protecting the Poof for days due to a fabulous defining session with the RC Curl Shaping Creme, I wanted to do a protective style, plus Once Upon a Curl was having a braids contest; I didn’t win:( Figured this was perfect timing to try the RC’s Smoothing Oil. First, let’s get down to what you really want to know:

  • Price: THE PRICE SOUND(S)…’aight. For $7.99 you get a 4oz tube. Yeah, I know, but let’s see how you feel as you read on…
  • Smell: Pretty straight like the Curl Shaping Creme, but far less overpowering.
  • Consistency: Well, see below, its oil… WHOOPS! Just attempted to test it again for good measure and it has now spilled on the edge of my computer unto the table, so lets just say IT’S RUNNY! HHhhh. Please excuse me while I gather the remains of the spilled oil with my index finger and scrap it right back into the bottle. Uhm, did you read where I said it was $7.99 per 4oz bottle, OK!!?!!

RC’s Smoothing Oil‘s claim to fame is its pure corn and meadowfoam seed oils, green tea and of course the Royal Jelly extract. For application, I lightly spritzed BBH’s hair with water. Her hair already had a good amount of hold product left in from defining her curls, so no worries there. I then detangled her hair in large sections, 1st with my fingers and then with a wide tooth comb. I poured a small amount of the oil unto a saucer and dabbed my fingers in it to apply to each large detangled section and worked that thru. I began parting her hair for braids, which was kind of easy with the great slip from the oil (yey!). I don’t do box braids much as I’m a twister at heart, but when I do, I like to work in good sized blocks. Well, for each block, I added another small dollop of RC’s Smoothing Oil and then I continued parting into smaller box braids as shown in the below picture.

Notice the sheen in the braids and the unbraided part of the hair (BBH gets the prettiest golden brown hair in the front during the summer). As a side note, with BBH’s length I get tangles when I’m twisting or braiding. I like to smooth those out as I go by clamping the hair mid-braid/twist and gently running a comb thru from the clamped hair thru the ends like this…

It’s a bit more time consuming, but it redistributes the product evenly and minimizes flyaways (at least that’s my theory). Anywho, look at how luscious and smooth these braids are!!!

And check out these ends that haven’t been trimmed in a good minute!!! Normally I add a Shea Butter mix or Beautiful Curls Curl Activating Cream to seal her ends, but I didn’t this time. They just coiled up as I twirled them around my finger, EEK!

Sides/scalp views…

This is how much product I had left after the application.

As you can see, and knowing full well they never fill bottles up to the top, a little RC Smoothing Oil goes a long way. That makes this Mommy very happy; perhaps the price DOES sound nice:) BBH was happy too! Here she is posing in her braids (peep the flower clip, Mommy got crafts!).

* tidbit – Found this “natural” shirt at a Gymboree Outlet while on vacation earlier this summer; too cute.

BBH’s hair had luster for days, if not just about the whole week. Yes! Again, if it were not so, I would not have told you. I reapplied RC’s Smoothing Oil as needed by spritzing the hair with a little water first and pressing the oil into her braids between my oil rubbed hands.

In summation, I like this product a LOT for the moisture retention, smooth sheen and slippage! Yup. At this point Queen Helene reigns high on the throne of products in my cabinet. Feel free to check out these other reviews on this fabulous line of products.

Go’Head Baby, Be Curly!

When BBH is older,  I hope she rocks her Big Hair with all the class and fierceness of Esperanza Spalding. I love the volume, I love the pieciness, I love the softness.  No “twist out” here in this pic from InStyle, just unadulterated BIG HAIR with much vigor.  Simply beautiful.  What is your latest Hairspiration?

*PS – if you aren’t hip to Ms. Spalding check out her music here or here [iTunes Link]

In Pipe Cleaners Part I posted yesterday, I showed you how to achieve loose curls (by trial and error) with using pipe cleaners. However, what I really wanted were much tighter, clumped curls. So I gave it another whirl that evening before putting BBH to bed.

Poor Man’s Strawllers Take Two: Tighter Curls

Repeat steps 1-3 in Pipe Cleaners Part I, but bend the pipe cleaner in 1/2 first, looping the bottom around your finger and twisting the pipe cleaner all the way to the top, like this..

You’ll notice the rolling will be much tighter…..

Cover with a satin cap. Now what I do like most about using the pipe cleaners is that they are soft and you can mold them to you BBH’s head. I actually bent the loops back and around to support the ends of her hair this time. You do have to be careful that the wires at the top are safely bent so not to scratch or poke the scalp, or snag the hair. Now I can see if you’re strategic and a better planner than I, how one could leave pipe cleaners in the hair (black cleaners on black hair etc) for a day or two for the ultimate setting like my relatives told me, but we had school the next day and I didn’t want the stares and the curiosity (we ‘der). So here’s what we had the following mornng when I took them out:

LOVED IT! Kind of reminds me of a bob. I decided not to piece them out so the curls would hold shape longer, but I’m sure it would’ve been very, very cute, like picture day hair cute. The curly locs kept up really well! This is a pic a week later doing absolutely nothing to her hair but pulling the top half into a high loose pony tail at night and covering with her satin cap. See how the curls just fell?

But still, I want them just a little tighter to last longer and with more height, so I bought another pack of pipe cleaners to double up and roll in smaller sections at a time. We’ll see. EEK! I can’t wait. In the meantime..

Be Curly!

As mentioned earlier this week, I wanted to share with you this amazing way to curl braids or twists using pipe cleaners.  Yes, pipe cleaners. $1 (or so) pipe cleaners.  Yup, I call them “Poor Man’s Strawllers.”  I was at my family reunion earlier this summer when my two cousins, who have GORGEOUS teeny tiny locs, rolled up in that joint with “Shirley Temple” like curls.  MAN I wish I had a pic… Anywho, they told me about pipe cleaners and how they set their hair in them for a few days to achieve the curls, and how the curls loosen over time, given you a great look for like – WEEKS!!  So naturally, that was put high on my list of “hair hopes” (like, I hope BBH’s hair can do that, LOL!).

After rockin’ BBH’s hair out for awhile from trying Queen Helen’s Royal Curl Curl Shaping Creme for the 1st time (a tub of GOLD I tell ya, see review here), it was time for a protective style.  Once Upon a Curl was having a braids contest on FB so I figured for my entry (vote for me!) I’d do box-type braids style w/a lil’twist, the pipe cleaners! The closet crafter I am, I just happen to have some pipe cleaners stashed away.   But when I grabbed them, I realized they were the metallic kind and I remember my cousin telling me the chenille kind were best. She was right. I tested one in my own hair; not good, metallic pipe cleaners pull the hair. So I grabbed the chenille kind during my (almost weekly) visit to Jo-Ann’s.

So I braided BBH’s hair Saturday morning (related product review to be posted separately and soon), but Daddy BBH and I had plans late afternoon thru the evening. So I didn’t bother to curl them that day or that night, since we got in so late. BUT I tried it 1st thing Sunday AM before church and later that evening before bed (yes,I did it twice, you’ll see why).

Poor Man’s Strawllers Take One: Loose Curls:
Apply a little bit of product for hold.  Or spritz with water to revive the product already in the hair.  If you decide to add a bit of product for hold, I suggest rubbing in your hands 1st and then blotting/pressing the product into the hair between your hands.  I like blotting because (for me) it keeps the style in tact and I feel like I’m getting product into the “nooks and crannies”, LOL!  Ok so moving on…

1st: Take a pipe cleaner, loop the end and twist like this:

2nd: Take hair and start rolling from the bottom (but above of the loop) like so:

3rd: Secure by bending the top of the pipe cleaner back like this:

Lastly: Let set. That’s it! But you might as well have a little fun and get “bendy” with it…

I removed them from her hair about and hour and 1/2. These are the results (Sorry about the watermark but trust, very nice):

Not exactly what I was visualizing, but I did like how soft the curls were, especially after having the cleaners in her hair for a short period of time.  We were off to church, but I was determined to have tighter curls.  See what we did that evening in Part II’s post coming up next.  In meantime…

Be Curly!

Welcome to BABY BIG HAIR BLAST where we highlight “Big Hair” artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Jacqueline and her beautiful daughter Chelsea. Now look closely… do you see any resemblence to this old school child actor??….. Continue reading →

Big Hair is beautiful, fun and can be done without damage to the hair. One of the ways we like to wear Big Hair is by using a defining product such as Kinky-Curly’s Curling Custard or the most recently reviewed Queen Helene’s “Royal Crown” Curl Shaping Creme. I’ve also seen reviews with other popular gels/cremes in the hair blogosphere such as Eco Styler styling gels (most cost effective). The curl defining process works well for us. See how I typically apply defining products in this recent product review (I also use a Dedman Brush sometimes to ‘clump’ the hair while applying). This Kinky-Curly Application video is a great tutorial on the curl defining process we use.

SO, how do you keep that ‘Oh So Defined Fro’?

A great tip I learned here. At night, before bed, I gently and loosely braid BBH’s hair into various sections, making sure to keep the ringlet ends in tact. Like this… Continue reading →

queen helene product reviewjpg
While in my fav spot to look for all things natural, Whole Foods, I noticed a new line of products by the familiar name of Queen Helene called “Royal Curl” (RC). At first I was very skeptical, as I just promised myself to be rid my product junkie tendencies. PLUS, I only came to replenish some of my Kinky-Curly (KC) products; and that was IT, nothing else!

queen helene product review.jpg

But I thought about Queen Helene’s products used in the past (i.e., Cholesterol Conditioner) and the amazing results I’ve had going back to college, and maybe even before that! The price was reasonable so I snatched a tub of the Curl Shaping Creme (see link for ingredients) and kept it moving. BUT, not before I also grabbed my Kinky Curly’s Tiny Twirls Styler; love that stuff. I knew I wanted a Big Hair weekend and thought I’d give my BBH the “Royal” treatment, or at least that is how I rationalized it. Continue reading →