Welcome to BABY BIG HAIR BLAST where we highlight “Big Hair” artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy NIkki and Baby O, and OOOOHHH what a cutie she IS!  Just look at her lil’ Big RED Hair!  You may have seen Baby O as a Curly Baby on Curly Nikki (congrats!) or in random hair postings on Facebook.  She certainly caught my eye in the sea of fros posted in honor of Afro Day on the 4th.  I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to take a bite out of this little cinnabon! YUMMY!  Mommy Nikki is “chatting down” with us today to give us the 411 on Baby O and that sweet lil’fro.   Well, let’s dig in shall we??
BBH: What is your hair washing routine?
I wash and condition Baby O’s hair once a week and co-wash in between washings.  There are days that she plays extra hard at daycare and brings home half the sandbox in her hair (even with a hat on! grrrr), so she’ll get a good wash on those days.  If I’m going to style her hair then I’ll wash on Wednesday or Thursday night and then style, since she has water play on Wednesday mornings at daycare and she LOVES getting her hair wet. [BBH: BOO on waterplay days..messin’ up my Sunday styles n’stuff…K. I’m back….]

BBH: What do you find are the challenges for styling Baby O’s hair and how do you over come them? Learning how to style Baby O’s hair has been my biggest challenge.  Baby O was born with peach fuzz and her hair didn’t start growing into curls until she was about 18 months.  Her hair wasn’t long enough to pull into piggies (what we call puffs, because she didn’t have enough “puff” and I would finger curl what was pulled up) until she was about two years old (she’s almost three now).  Baby O’s daycare providers once pulled me aside and told me that her hair was really dry and asked what I was doing and how often I was washing her hair.  I told them I was washing it every day and they all about had heart attacks lol!  They told me how often I should be washing her hair and what types of products to use.  I’m learning basic styles now and am dead-seat on perfecting my cornrow techniques by the end of summer! [BBH: You can do it!  I’m STILL perfecting..]

BBH: How does Baby O stay entertained when styling her hair?
If it’s a quick style then I’ll turn on Dora the Explorer, Ni-hao Kai Lan, Go, Diego, Go or Yo Gabba Gabba! If it’s a style that’s going to take awhile, especially if it’s something I’m trying for the first time, then I’ll ask her to go pick out a movie.  It’s almost always The Princess and the Frog.  Those don’t always keep her entertained, so I’ll leave her doll baby, a spray bottle of water, some barrettes and a comb within her reach so she can style her baby’s hair.  Her brother, Big J, is also really good at keeping the crankiness down when my fingers are in the middle of a style and she’s decided that she’s just about had enough of me in her hair.

What are your fav products these days?
I’ve been all over the product map, trying to figure out what works best with her hair–Curls products, Carol’s Daughter, Organix.  She’s got tight curls that love to intertwine with each other and tangle so easy.  I just won a giveaway over at Untrained Hair Mom for a hair care sample pack from CUSH Cosmetics and I LOVE them!  The mango babassu shampoo bar leaves Baby O’s hair clean like no other product has before–it feels so silky and clean after washing.  I love using unrefined African shea butter and coconut oil in her hair before bed.

How does Baby O feel about her hair??
She knows her hair is gorgeous!  When it’s hair time, I’m always telling her how beautiful her hair is and how much I love the curls all over her head–I’ve never said a negative thing about her hair because I don’t want her to think her natural hair is “bad hair”.  After her hair is styled, whether out in her little fro or up in plaits, I always tell her to go look in the mirror to see if she likes her hair and she gets the biggest smile across her face if she likes it!  Last night we were sitting down and going through a silly routine we have.  Normally it starts with me asking “who’s beautiful?” and Baby O says “me!” and I ask “who’s gorgeous?” and she’ll say “you Mommy!”.  I got to the “who’s gorgeous” part last night and she yelled out “MY HAIR!” lol. [BBH: Too stankin’ cute!]

Tips for big hair or fav “quick” styles.

When Baby O wears her hair out, it’s usually just from a wash and go.  I’ve read banding works great to achieve big hair, but Baby O doesn’t like things in her hair at night and will pull bands out of her hair while she’s sleeping.  To get Baby O’s hair puffed out, I’ll usually use my hands on her semi-dry hair to scrunch and “pull” the hair up and out, if that makes sense.  Our fav quick style is three piggies on her head–one on each side of her head on top and the bottom hair gathered into one piggie.  Because her hairline is still growing in, I’ll take the hair up front and either flat rope twist or cornrow it to the side and add some beads or a barrette.

Last but not least, anything else you’d like to share about Baby O’s hair.  I’m sure you’ve had some experiences surrounding that gorgeous hair color…
Isn’t that reddish-brown hair gorgeous!?!?!  I’ve had people stop in their tracks and come back to ask me about her hair color.  Baby O is biracial, so she gets those fabulously tight curls from her African American father and that red color from my Caucasian side–every single one of the females in my mom’s immediate family has red hair.  Her hair gets to be a light brown in the winter and in the summer her hair lightens up.  Every female that stops me to ask about her hair tells Baby O how lucky she is to have that color naturally, since it would costs good money for them to get that hair color.  Baby O doesn’t really understand what they’re saying yet so she just looks at them and says “thank you!” while smiling lol! [BHH: Ooo!  Cute AND good manners!]

Thank you Mommy Nikki and Baby O for participating!  This is one cute, lil’ BBH sweetie pie, and Mommy is off to such a great start in maintaining and styling natural hair! Look at those bantu knots, piggie puffs and curls in that lil’fro!  And Baby O looks so happy, awhhhh:).  You can check out some of their other styles on her blog: http://intermittentbabbling.blogspot.com/ (I LOVE THAT NAME!!), especially if you want to learn how she made that gorgeous huge flower:).  Mommy’s got crafts too! Go’Head Baby!

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