ARGH THERE MATEY!! BBH is quite the character. She loves her pretty dress up clothes and shoes, but she is often times a supa-herooooooo!! But on the low low, she’s a pirate, arrrrgh!

After pretending to be a pirate on a consistent basis for some time, I thought ‘imma make my BBH a pirate hat’. Why? Cuz I didn’t see anything pink/girly or UNDEATHLY out there. Plus, I was still on a craft high from doing a birthday party. So, I grabbed some felt and fleece (fleece from the ever so cute blanket I did not make; HHHhhhh, where does time go?!?), some left over foam, popsicle sticks and ribbon. Off I was!…

I cut the shape/facade of a pirate hat out of craft foam. Using that as my template, I marked and cut out the pink felt and made a border out of patterned green fleece, as well as the skull & bones detail (see the cute pink heart? My FAV!!). Glued it all together then glued to the foam w/fabric glue. Notice the green border was glued to the back of the foam for minimal use of fabric (saving all my little fleece; still gonna make that blanket!). Did similar technique for the heart shaped patch. I glued popsicle sticks to bottom edge of the foam in the inside to make the sides ‘stuck out’; since it wasn’t truly a hat. Finished it off w/ribbon on the edges and popsicle sticks for a finished look (w/hotglue), and ultimately to have something to tie the hat around her head. Did same for the eye patch. Hope this photo explains it better.

I love how the foam was soft against her forehead and how it wasn’t a ‘hat hat’ that would otherwise mess up her twists; cuz mommy don’t play…. She liked, but wasn’t feeling the eye patch:( Oh well. Happy BBH, mission accomplished! Aren’t these a doll for a pirate girl party?!?!?!

Go’Head Baby, Be a Pirate! ARGHH!!!

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