Big Hair is beautiful, fun and can be done without damage to the hair. One of the ways we like to wear Big Hair is by using a defining product such as Kinky-Curly’s Curling Custard or the most recently reviewed Queen Helene’s “Royal Crown” Curl Shaping Creme. I’ve also seen reviews with other popular gels/cremes in the hair blogosphere such as Eco Styler styling gels (most cost effective). The curl defining process works well for us. See how I typically apply defining products in this recent product review (I also use a Dedman Brush sometimes to ‘clump’ the hair while applying). This Kinky-Curly Application video is a great tutorial on the curl defining process we use.

SO, how do you keep that ‘Oh So Defined Fro’?

A great tip I learned here. At night, before bed, I gently and loosely braid BBH’s hair into various sections, making sure to keep the ringlet ends in tact. Like this…


The key here is to use a great detangling Leave-In Conditioner (our staple has been Kinky-Curly’s Knot Today) as your defining product. That way, when you GENTLY grab to loosely braid the hair, it is “clumped” into tiny ringlets and it separates with ease. Anywho, notice how I did not braid all the way down and the ringlet ends are left intact…


Next, ‘Pineapple’ the hair or gather all large braids towards the top of the hair in a loose ouchless band. If the hair is too short sweep the top of the hair back and over the crown and on the sides back to the center. This keeps the ends out of harms way as much as possible while sleeping. And of course – DO NOT FORGET TO COVER WITH A SATIN/SILK CAP!!

Gently take down in the morning and shake. The hair will be bigger and much more voluminous than the 1st defined day, but isn’t that what you want?!?!! The definition you spent all your precious time on the day before will be there too. See this 2nd day pic…

Scrumptious right? Repeat the 1/2 braided steps each night until you’re ready to do a specific hairstyle or when it just doesn’t look unified; you’ll know what I mean. When it gets to this point, I just gently part the hair for ‘supapuffs’ like this…

Then you can always fluff out and pull back the front with a large elastic headband (which I have yet to try) for a slicked back BIG ‘supapuff’. Check out this great tutorial of 7 quick styles for day old curls by Journey to My Roots for other options. I have a number of these styles on my “to try” list.

Anywho, continue to break down hair at night as above applying a little moisture as needed by rubbing product in your hands and patting/blotting the product through sections of hair between your hands (make sense?). The key is not to over manipulate and to save the ringlets! But as the ringlets fade, be creative and your bbh can rock it out for a good week or so after initially defining!

Here’s an example pic of her hair days after defining when the curls/ringlets have softened. To achieve this look I rub a combo of Beautiful Curls Curling Creme (use your fav product for moisture) and Kinky Curly’s Tiny Twirls Styler (any fav gel type product for hold) in my hands and gently detangle with fingers and separate into BIG twists from the root to the ends (cuz the ringlets were far gone) at night. Let loose in the morning and piece out; that’s it. I LOVE this Big Hair just as much as the defined Big Hair.

We personally don’t rock out Big Hair more than a few days especially in the Summer due to how active BBH is, her age and those infamous “water play days”. Although, I am tempted to bring an extra satin cap and shower cap to school (shooooo)… lol! Nah, couldn’t do my baby like that:)… but trust, I am tempted.

Go’Head Baby, Be Curly!

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