In Pipe Cleaners Part I posted yesterday, I showed you how to achieve loose curls (by trial and error) with using pipe cleaners. However, what I really wanted were much tighter, clumped curls. So I gave it another whirl that evening before putting BBH to bed.

Poor Man’s Strawllers Take Two: Tighter Curls

Repeat steps 1-3 in Pipe Cleaners Part I, but bend the pipe cleaner in 1/2 first, looping the bottom around your finger and twisting the pipe cleaner all the way to the top, like this..

You’ll notice the rolling will be much tighter…..

Cover with a satin cap. Now what I do like most about using the pipe cleaners is that they are soft and you can mold them to you BBH’s head. I actually bent the loops back and around to support the ends of her hair this time. You do have to be careful that the wires at the top are safely bent so not to scratch or poke the scalp, or snag the hair. Now I can see if you’re strategic and a better planner than I, how one could leave pipe cleaners in the hair (black cleaners on black hair etc) for a day or two for the ultimate setting like my relatives told me, but we had school the next day and I didn’t want the stares and the curiosity (we ‘der). So here’s what we had the following mornng when I took them out:

LOVED IT! Kind of reminds me of a bob. I decided not to piece them out so the curls would hold shape longer, but I’m sure it would’ve been very, very cute, like picture day hair cute. The curly locs kept up really well! This is a pic a week later doing absolutely nothing to her hair but pulling the top half into a high loose pony tail at night and covering with her satin cap. See how the curls just fell?

But still, I want them just a little tighter to last longer and with more height, so I bought another pack of pipe cleaners to double up and roll in smaller sections at a time. We’ll see. EEK! I can’t wait. In the meantime..

Be Curly!

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