So, you saw our results in Part I (Loose Curls – by error) and Part II (Tighter Curls) and how they kept up over a course of a week.  Next I repeated the steps in Part II, but did them in even smaller sections like this.

Took down this morning and achieved much tighter curls.  I noticed she was sweating a bit and some parts were slightly damp, but anywho, here are our final results (and last for awhile lawd, lol!):

*Note to self, no BBH pics in the morning….

Not bad, huh? Pretty cute! I think short of wrapping braids individually, I am not going to get curls as tight as I would like. Plus, I think this method is most ideal for mini braids and twists for those springier curls like my cousins had.  But for the most part, I really like this rolling technique as a way to “revive” braids and keep them fresh looking. We’ll watch these curls as they fall over the next few days.

Pipe Cleaners In Summary
I like using pipe cleaners for the following reasons:

  1. They are beyond cheap;
  2. They are soft to sleep in (bend your wires safely);
  3. Using this method requires no manipulation once set so you and your BBH can get some good ol’hair rest; and
  4. They are recycable.

You can also use pipe cleaners to help hold twist in place or curl the ends on small pieces and bend to achieve an amazing finished look to twist out.  I would imagine you can use this technique on stretched hair as well (hhmmm). But my favorite idea (BRILLIANT EVEN) is turning Barbie dolls into Naturals using pipe cleaners posted here last week by Beads, Braids and Beyond.  Now THAT is genius and ‘supacute’. I may have to try the technique used on the dolls or something similar in BBH’s hair next time – minus the scolding hot water, lol!

So BBH parents, get thee to your junk draw and scrap up 1 or 2 dollars (depending on how much big hair your BBH has) and get you some pipe cleaners!!  Remember, they must be chenille, no metallic. Hope you enjoyed this journey.

Go’Head Baby, Be Curly!

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