HAIRSPIRATION: Esperanza Spalding

When BBH is older,  I hope she rocks her Big Hair with all the class and fierceness of Esperanza Spalding. I love the volume, I love the pieciness, I love the softness.  No “twist out” here in this pic from InStyle, just unadulterated BIG HAIR with much vigor.  Simply beautiful.  What is your latest Hairspiration?

*PS – if you aren’t hip to Ms. Spalding check out her music here or here [iTunes Link]

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4 replies on “HAIRSPIRATION: Esperanza Spalding

  • Pearl

    Actually, Ms. Esperanza Spalding gave an interview to on 7/14/10 where she defines her hair regimen: “I usually wash my hair once a week. I then apply a mix of Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil and Tea Tree Oil? to my wet hair, brush it .., set my hair in 8 twists (her hair is the result of twists being taken down which is what we call a braid out afro) and allow it to air dry. The twists not only help to set my hair, but they also KEEP IT FROM TANGLING as it dries. In between washing sessions, I’ll re-apply my butter mix and twist my hair..” So, for those who think that Spalding doesn’t do what anyone and everyone who rocks a healthy afro does, you’re mistaken. Protective styling is a MUST for all of us who want healthy, long hair!

  • chloe

    Oowee! Thank you Pearl for sharing!!! Hhhmmm. Never thought to add cocoa butter. And I’ve heard great things of tea tree oil. Adding to my pj list, lol! Love me some Esperanza. Listening to her Esperanza ’08 album right now!!!

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