As most of you know, we found a “tub” of gold in Queen Helene’s Royal Curl (RC) Curl Shaping Creme (see our product review here). In our review I mentioned that Curl Shaping Creme was such a delight it had me going back to Whole Foods to get a bottle of RC’s Curl Smoothing Oil (RC’s Smoothing Oil). On another related post, Pipe Cleaners Parts I-III (Po’man’s Strawllers, LOL!), I showed you how to use pipe cleaners to curl braids and/or twists. Well the glistening braids in that tutorial were the byproduct of RC’s Smoothing Oil!

Where shall I start? Ok, so after Rockin’ BIG HAIR and Protecting the Poof for days due to a fabulous defining session with the RC Curl Shaping Creme, I wanted to do a protective style, plus Once Upon a Curl was having a braids contest; I didn’t win:( Figured this was perfect timing to try the RC’s Smoothing Oil. First, let’s get down to what you really want to know:

  • Price: THE PRICE SOUND(S)…’aight. For $7.99 you get a 4oz tube. Yeah, I know, but let’s see how you feel as you read on…
  • Smell: Pretty straight like the Curl Shaping Creme, but far less overpowering.
  • Consistency: Well, see below, its oil… WHOOPS! Just attempted to test it again for good measure and it has now spilled on the edge of my computer unto the table, so lets just say IT’S RUNNY! HHhhh. Please excuse me while I gather the remains of the spilled oil with my index finger and scrap it right back into the bottle. Uhm, did you read where I said it was $7.99 per 4oz bottle, OK!!?!!

RC’s Smoothing Oil‘s claim to fame is its pure corn and meadowfoam seed oils, green tea and of course the Royal Jelly extract. For application, I lightly spritzed BBH’s hair with water. Her hair already had a good amount of hold product left in from defining her curls, so no worries there. I then detangled her hair in large sections, 1st with my fingers and then with a wide tooth comb. I poured a small amount of the oil unto a saucer and dabbed my fingers in it to apply to each large detangled section and worked that thru. I began parting her hair for braids, which was kind of easy with the great slip from the oil (yey!). I don’t do box braids much as I’m a twister at heart, but when I do, I like to work in good sized blocks. Well, for each block, I added another small dollop of RC’s Smoothing Oil and then I continued parting into smaller box braids as shown in the below picture.

Notice the sheen in the braids and the unbraided part of the hair (BBH gets the prettiest golden brown hair in the front during the summer). As a side note, with BBH’s length I get tangles when I’m twisting or braiding. I like to smooth those out as I go by clamping the hair mid-braid/twist and gently running a comb thru from the clamped hair thru the ends like this…

It’s a bit more time consuming, but it redistributes the product evenly and minimizes flyaways (at least that’s my theory). Anywho, look at how luscious and smooth these braids are!!!

And check out these ends that haven’t been trimmed in a good minute!!! Normally I add a Shea Butter mix or Beautiful Curls Curl Activating Cream to seal her ends, but I didn’t this time. They just coiled up as I twirled them around my finger, EEK!

Sides/scalp views…

This is how much product I had left after the application.

As you can see, and knowing full well they never fill bottles up to the top, a little RC Smoothing Oil goes a long way. That makes this Mommy very happy; perhaps the price DOES sound nice:) BBH was happy too! Here she is posing in her braids (peep the flower clip, Mommy got crafts!).

* tidbit – Found this “natural” shirt at a Gymboree Outlet while on vacation earlier this summer; too cute.

BBH’s hair had luster for days, if not just about the whole week. Yes! Again, if it were not so, I would not have told you. I reapplied RC’s Smoothing Oil as needed by spritzing the hair with a little water first and pressing the oil into her braids between my oil rubbed hands.

In summation, I like this product a LOT for the moisture retention, smooth sheen and slippage! Yup. At this point Queen Helene reigns high on the throne of products in my cabinet. Feel free to check out these other reviews on this fabulous line of products.

Go’Head Baby, Be Curly!
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