Well, a couple weeks ago we decided to get some fresh pictures of BBH since she was dressed all pretty in her greeny-green and had a super Big Hair day. So after church we took a few (hundred) pictures, outside on what had to be one of the HOTTEST days of the summer. Man it was hooottttt!!!! What were WE thinkin’?

So obviously we had to make this into the quickest photo shoot ever. Mommy was the stylist and in control of the props (bubbles), I had the camera and we were on our way. Well, by the end we were all dripping wet with sweat (the whole thing only lasted about 15-20 minutes) but we came up with some pretty solid shots of BBH. Check out the fro-tos and tell us what you think.

Yeah, it was really hot. But BBH had fun and mommy and daddy… well we were hot and pretty much through for the day. Next time we’ll wait for some cooler weather or take the pictures inside somewhere!

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