EEK!  Count Down!  In less than 24 hours the BBH Face Book Page  will open for your BIG HAIR questions.  Get ready BBH parents!!!  We are so excited to share this learning experience with you featuring natural hair-xpert, Journey to My Roots.  Let’s get to how this will all go down, shall we?

What is it?
An opportunity to ask questions and receive answers about natural hair in general (cuz we are not experts:), from a natural hair-xpert.

When is it?
Tomorrow, Thursday, September 1, 2011 from 9-11pm EST. Get the kiddos off to bed first so you can focus!

Where is it?
On the BBH Face Book Page. Please be sure to “like” our page to participate or just learn from the sidelines.

What do I do?
Beginning at  9pm EST, simply post your question on our BBH Face Book Page wall and preface it with “BIG HAIR QUESTION”, see below example:

 – BIG HAIR QUESTION:  What is the best way to detangle natural hair? –

Your question will be reposted shortly after for Journey to My Roots to answer.  That’s it! Now, to ensure your question will be answered, we welcome you to send your BIG HAIR question(s) in advance to  We will post on your behalf.

What do I need?
Our handy dandy BBH Question NotePage of course. Grab a pen! Write it down! Add to your Product Junkie List! Doodle like a mug! Write us a love note!  Go Crazay! LOL!  Download the NotePage here🙂

Who is Journey to My Roots?
So glad you asked my friend.  She’s fellow blogger, YouTube extraordinaire and author of “The ABC’s of Hair Speak“, a single source tutorial for everyone on the journey to longer, stronger, more healthy hair.   AND, she’s cool people, trust. Get to know this woman we are welcoming into our homes – or wherever you’ll be joining us from (that’s yo’business, OK?!). Listen in on the inspiration behind Journey to My Roots:

We also encourage you to “like” the Journey to My Roots Facebook Page and click around:)   Tell her we sent you!!

OOWEE! Can’t wait for this segment.  Hope you can join in. It’s kinda like a …BIG HAIR PARTY!!  Eek!

Be Curly!

Braids are out. FINALLY! After many hours of removing BBH’s braids, I pre-poo’ed that evening and washed and conditioned her hair the next day (our hairwashing routine here). But I could not bring myself to put her hair in my all time fav, small twists. At this point I just wanted it to dry with minimal frizz. I decided to do rope twist ponies all over. Starting at the bottom I did box rope twists. I made them a little larger on the top half of her head. Styling products used on freshly washed hair were Kinky Curly’ TIny Twirls Styler and Beautiful Curls Curly to Kinky Sculpture Wax.

She was liking her ponies:)

Is it just me, or did we have some serious growth this summer? This pic is from late May:

Anywho, to maintain this look thru the week I loosen the bands, lightly pat in the KC Tiny Twirls Styler, pull up the front half in a high ponytail and cover w/satin cap. Shake down in the morning. Nice and lovely… Switch up styles forth coming, EEK!

Be Curly!

One of our readers asked a very good question about defining her baby’s fro. While there are some definers out there that may be safe, I highly suggest the coiling technique. You simply add the desired product (that you know is safe for your baby’s skin/scalp) and twirl a small section of hair around your finger (or a fine-toothed comb). When BBH was younger, I did this starting at 3-5 months until her hair was long enough for other styles.

Awhhh, my sweet babygirl:)…..You can leave in coils or you can piece out and separate each coil into 3-4 small coils for a well defined curly Fro, like below (supacute!). I really liked this look when she was younger. Simply GORG with a bow or headband. BBH was about 18 months here…


Here is a great coiling and coil out tutorial I found on youtube to further illustrate:

Go’Head Baby. Be Curly!


Happy Tuesday! Whelp, as mentioned last week, we’re counting down to this Thursday’s Ask a BIG HAIR Question segment featuring natural hair-xpert, Journey to My Roots.

JTMR will be online exclusively with BBH on our Face Book Page this Thursday, 9/1 from 9:00 pm EST to 11:00 pm EST, answering all your (and our) BIG HAIR Questions. Yup. Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready!!   JTMR will be addressing questions like:

        • What is Pre-poo? How do I do it?
        • What is Co-washing and what are the benefits?
        • What is the best way to detangle?
        • How can I safely trim hair at home?
        • How can I determine my BBH’s hair type?

We are SUPA-excited !!! Get your questions ready and come chat down with us this Thursday!!  More details to come.  If you’d like to submit questions in advance, please feel free and send to w/subject header “Big Hair Question”.   Also, if you haven’t already, please be sure to “like” the BBH Face Book Page to participate or just learn from the sidelines.  We also encourage you to “like” the Journey to My Roots Facebook Page and click around:). EEEEEK!

Be Curly!

EEEEEEK! While parlaying thru Walgreens, I did my typical segue into the quasi-natural product section, the product junkie I am, and low and behold there it was, a SheaMoisture sale!!! Buy at $9.99 and get one at 1/2 price. Booyah! Snatched some goodies up. Been waiting on SheaMoisture to go on sale like FOREVER! Yeesh. Just about all our Blastee Moms have raved about this line. Now I have some (and you ca-an’t have none)!!! So, do your BBH a favor and get thee to Walgreens this week before the SheaMoisture Sale ends lawd!! Product reviews in the near future. ‘Till then..

Be Curly!

Welcome to BABY BIG HAIR BLAST where we highlight “Big Hair” artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Stephanie and her precious gem “Savvy”, and believe you me, she is just that!  Check this baby OUT!   Yummerz!  Well, we had the opportunity to chat down with Mommy to get the skinny on Savvy and that savvy BIG HAIR.  Well let’s dig in, shall we?

BBH: What is your hair washing routine?
We mostly stick to co-washing, though when we start seeing product build-up we break out the shampoo. We use Pantene’s Curly Hair deep moisturizing treatment, which comes in a little square jar. I’ve found it’s the best thing to assist with last minute detangling in the shower and leaves her hair silky soft.  [BBH:  Say wha?!?! *scribbles into PJ (project junkie) list*]

BBH: [oh she’s so CUTE!] What do you find are the challenges for styling Savvy’s hair and how do you over come them?
I used to be style challenged, mostly sticking to puffs and an afro everyday, before discovering all the great hair blogs (yours included) online [BBH:  Aw shucks, stop it…thx hon!]. Now I feel empowered to try new styles and tackle things I wouldn’t have believed I was capable of before. My biggest challenge these days is finding the time to get the style done and keeping Savvy’s content while I work.

BBH: How do you entertain Savvy when styling her hair?
We’ve found that popping in a DVD (or two) and giving her access to treats she wouldn’t ordinarily get helps pass the time. It’s also time I get to ask her a bunch of questions and find out what’s going on in her little head.  [BBH:  See, that’s what I’m sayin’ Mommy, gots to be “strategical” (Shhhh!!! It sounds good so I’m leaving the word in) – hey, is that a Yo Gabba Brobee bowl  I see?]

BBH: What are your fav products these days? I love Curly Q Milkshake and Carol’s Daughter tui oil. I also use a lot of Organic Root Stimulator Locking Gel for twists and braids. It really helps to keep the frizz at bay and keep the style in longer.  [BBH:  uhuh, uhuh….you know.. I like you, will you be my PJ friend?]

BBH: How does Savvy feel about her hair??
She loves it. She occasionally yearns for longer hair (Tangled and Rapunzel didn’t help on that issue [BBH:  Right!]), but I make sure to tell her how awesome her curly hair is at least a few times a day. She takes pride in the styles we do and loves having any hair that swings (box braids, yarn extensions, etc.). She also loves wearing her hair natural and big. 🙂  [BBH:  Yes Ma’am say it with me “Big Hair is good” (answer: all the time!) ,  “All the time?” (answer: Big Hair is good!)]

BBH: Tips for wearing BIG HAIR or fav “quick” styles.
When Savvy’s rocking an afro we use Carol’s Daughter tui oil and a little Curly Q Milkshake  and let her air dry. Our favorite “quick style” is two strand twists since they seem to come together fast. Or there’s always the old standby: puffy pigtails. [BBH:  Supacute!]

BBH: Last but not least, anything you would like to share about haircare in general or experiences with Savvy’s hair?
Learning how to braid was a huge confidence booster for me and it’s opened up so many new styles. Hair time is now my favorite bonding time with Savvy and I hope someday she looks back at all the time that went into her hair and can feel how much we love her. [BBH:  Awwww!!!]

I’m sure she will Mommy!  BIG thanks to you and Savvy for participating.  Outside from the glorious big hair, can’t help but to notice that pury little smile of Savvy’s. This is one happy girl.  Know that she’s loved?  I say mission accomplished by the likes of these photos.  I bet those mommy/daughter talks are just too precious:) Good job Mommy!  and…
Go’Head Baby!

EEK!  So we at Baby Big Hair are by no means experts, we just love and encourage BIG HAIR and the BIG HAIR lifestyle.  We do however hope you find little nuggets of big hair wisdom in each and every post.  BUT we’d be remiss to not give our faithful readers the opportunity to learn a more in depth knowledge of natural hair and natural hair care for all the BBHs out there.  SO, next Thursday, September 1st, we will have a “Hair-xpert” online  with us on our Face Book Page to answer your Big Hair questions.   Joining us will be Journey to My Roots, fellow blogger, YouTube extraordinaire and author of “The ABC’s of Hair Speak“, a single source tutorial for everyone on the journey to longer, stronger, more healthy hair.  We are STOKED!

Come chat down with us on FB from 9-11pm EST on September 1st with all your BIG HAIR questions.  She’s ready for ya.  More details to come next week.  Ooweee I can’t wait!  If you haven’t already, please be sure to “like” the BBH Face Book Page to participate or just learn from the sidelines.  EEK!

Go’Head Baby, Be Curly!

So I took BBH’s braids down, the longest and smallest I’ve ever done in her hair (a chore if you can tell by Daddy BBH’s recent post). BUT before I did, I needed to go just 1 more week in them with all the travel and getting ready for school drills we had going on. So I went for my trusted wavy braids technique, but decided to try it again little differently. I spritzed her hair as usual w/ our water and Knot Today Leave’In mixture, applied Queen Helene’s Royal Curl Smoothing Oil (see our raving review here) and  Royal Curl Shaping Creme (see our raving review here). THIS TIME, I grabbed a few braids and braided them together, like so…


Then, I decided to try the pipecleaners one more time (see previous results here). I took each large braid and wrapped around the pipe cleaner, like this…



Again, being careful to position the cut wires of the cleaners so they did not poke BBH while sleeping. Covered w/satin cap and this is what we had in the morning, glorious curly braids, EEK!

20110824-114355.jpg (^^^okay so not the best pic, but you get it…)


I finally feel like I achieved the look I was going for initially with the pipe cleaners; hence some closure on this technique (yes!).  Trust, curly braids can save the day!!!

Be Curly!

…She asks me to help out with BBH’s hair. I mean I’m all down for the cause and all but my hands are too rough for BBH’s head. I’ll probably pull or twist too hard and have her crying (by ‘her’ I’m talking about mommy. HAHA)! So I just play my role as the hair drying daddy unless there is some dire need for help, which I guess I can try to contribute with a few twists or detangles — or eat some Bojangles (my bad, I just felt like rhymin’).

Okay, I’ll come clean. I did help take down a few braids in BBH’s hair the other day. Mommy was working really hard and needed a little relief so I did a few so that the process would go a little faster. It wasn’t too bad. In fact it was quite therapeutic. I took some notes while filming the Three Strands of Separation video so I had a pretty decent idea of what I was doing (not really, but hey, it looked good). Now, I don’t know if I can do a whole head… that’s a lot of hair and I’m not used to dealing with a lot of hair. Remember… I gave most of my hair to BBH. So I was in it to win it for about 20 minutes (rhymin’ again).

Well, that’s it for now. Fellas, how do you know when your woman is tired of doing your BBH’s hair? It’s your turn to chime in — and don’t chicken out… you know you’ve done some twist, braids, or something!

Yes!!!!! You know you love her. Lil Ms. Deema and all that curly BIG HAIR and homegirl can sang too!! Oooweee! I especially like the “40’s Doo Wop” flav of her big hair. Learn more about Deema and check out the following description from the Nick Jr site (photo as well):


Deema’s personality is as big as her hair. She’s energetic, goofy, and loves to be the center of attention. She often speaks in an operatic voice, and loves to tell jokes and make others laugh. Deema likes to do things in an exaggerated fashion–from singing joyfully to weeping melodramatically, even in the same scene. Whether playing store or leading our audience in a dance, Deema’s style is always over-the-top…
Is this not your BBH in a nutshell, LOL! Well, BIG HAIR does require an element of BIG attitude and Ms. Deema puts her weight on every episode. Big BBH shout out to Deema!
Go’Head Baby!