Yes!!!!! You know you love her. Lil Ms. Deema and all that curly BIG HAIR and homegirl can sang too!! Oooweee! I especially like the “40’s Doo Wop” flav of her big hair. Learn more about Deema and check out the following description from the Nick Jr site (photo as well):


Deema’s personality is as big as her hair. She’s energetic, goofy, and loves to be the center of attention. She often speaks in an operatic voice, and loves to tell jokes and make others laugh. Deema likes to do things in an exaggerated fashion–from singing joyfully to weeping melodramatically, even in the same scene. Whether playing store or leading our audience in a dance, Deema’s style is always over-the-top…
Is this not your BBH in a nutshell, LOL! Well, BIG HAIR does require an element of BIG attitude and Ms. Deema puts her weight on every episode. Big BBH shout out to Deema!
Go’Head Baby!
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