…She asks me to help out with BBH’s hair. I mean I’m all down for the cause and all but my hands are too rough for BBH’s head. I’ll probably pull or twist too hard and have her crying (by ‘her’ I’m talking about mommy. HAHA)! So I just play my role as the hair drying daddy unless there is some dire need for help, which I guess I can try to contribute with a few twists or detangles — or eat some Bojangles (my bad, I just felt like rhymin’).

Okay, I’ll come clean. I did help take down a few braids in BBH’s hair the other day. Mommy was working really hard and needed a little relief so I did a few so that the process would go a little faster. It wasn’t too bad. In fact it was quite therapeutic. I took some notes while filming the Three Strands of Separation video so I had a pretty decent idea of what I was doing (not really, but hey, it looked good). Now, I don’t know if I can do a whole head… that’s a lot of hair and I’m not used to dealing with a lot of hair. Remember… I gave most of my hair to BBH. So I was in it to win it for about 20 minutes (rhymin’ again).

Well, that’s it for now. Fellas, how do you know when your woman is tired of doing your BBH’s hair? It’s your turn to chime in — and don’t chicken out… you know you’ve done some twist, braids, or something!

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