So I took BBH’s braids down, the longest and smallest I’ve ever done in her hair (a chore if you can tell by Daddy BBH’s recent post). BUT before I did, I needed to go just 1 more week in them with all the travel and getting ready for school drills we had going on. So I went for my trusted wavy braids technique, but decided to try it again little differently. I spritzed her hair as usual w/ our water and Knot Today Leave’In mixture, applied Queen Helene’s Royal Curl Smoothing Oil (see our raving review here) and  Royal Curl Shaping Creme (see our raving review here). THIS TIME, I grabbed a few braids and braided them together, like so…


Then, I decided to try the pipecleaners one more time (see previous results here). I took each large braid and wrapped around the pipe cleaner, like this…



Again, being careful to position the cut wires of the cleaners so they did not poke BBH while sleeping. Covered w/satin cap and this is what we had in the morning, glorious curly braids, EEK!

20110824-114355.jpg (^^^okay so not the best pic, but you get it…)


I finally feel like I achieved the look I was going for initially with the pipe cleaners; hence some closure on this technique (yes!).  Trust, curly braids can save the day!!!

Be Curly!

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