One of our readers asked a very good question about defining her baby’s fro. While there are some definers out there that may be safe, I highly suggest the coiling technique. You simply add the desired product (that you know is safe for your baby’s skin/scalp) and twirl a small section of hair around your finger (or a fine-toothed comb). When BBH was younger, I did this starting at 3-5 months until her hair was long enough for other styles.

Awhhh, my sweet babygirl:)…..You can leave in coils or you can piece out and separate each coil into 3-4 small coils for a well defined curly Fro, like below (supacute!). I really liked this look when she was younger. Simply GORG with a bow or headband. BBH was about 18 months here…


Here is a great coiling and coil out tutorial I found on youtube to further illustrate:

Go’Head Baby. Be Curly!


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