EEK!  Count Down!  In less than 24 hours the BBH Face Book Page  will open for your BIG HAIR questions.  Get ready BBH parents!!!  We are so excited to share this learning experience with you featuring natural hair-xpert, Journey to My Roots.  Let’s get to how this will all go down, shall we?

What is it?
An opportunity to ask questions and receive answers about natural hair in general (cuz we are not experts:), from a natural hair-xpert.

When is it?
Tomorrow, Thursday, September 1, 2011 from 9-11pm EST. Get the kiddos off to bed first so you can focus!

Where is it?
On the BBH Face Book Page. Please be sure to “like” our page to participate or just learn from the sidelines.

What do I do?
Beginning at  9pm EST, simply post your question on our BBH Face Book Page wall and preface it with “BIG HAIR QUESTION”, see below example:

 – BIG HAIR QUESTION:  What is the best way to detangle natural hair? –

Your question will be reposted shortly after for Journey to My Roots to answer.  That’s it! Now, to ensure your question will be answered, we welcome you to send your BIG HAIR question(s) in advance to  We will post on your behalf.

What do I need?
Our handy dandy BBH Question NotePage of course. Grab a pen! Write it down! Add to your Product Junkie List! Doodle like a mug! Write us a love note!  Go Crazay! LOL!  Download the NotePage here🙂

Who is Journey to My Roots?
So glad you asked my friend.  She’s fellow blogger, YouTube extraordinaire and author of “The ABC’s of Hair Speak“, a single source tutorial for everyone on the journey to longer, stronger, more healthy hair.   AND, she’s cool people, trust. Get to know this woman we are welcoming into our homes – or wherever you’ll be joining us from (that’s yo’business, OK?!). Listen in on the inspiration behind Journey to My Roots:

We also encourage you to “like” the Journey to My Roots Facebook Page and click around:)   Tell her we sent you!!

OOWEE! Can’t wait for this segment.  Hope you can join in. It’s kinda like a …BIG HAIR PARTY!!  Eek!

Be Curly!

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