“Ask a BIG HAIR Question” Segment (TODAY, 9-11pm EST): Journey to My Roots talks “Protective Styling”

Are you stomped on “Protective Styling”??  Come join us tonight from 9-11pm EST on our BBH Face Book Page for our “Ask a BIG HAIR Question” segment featuring “hair-xpert” Journey to My Roots.  Here are a few words from her on this very topic…

Super informative!  Come and get your natural hair questions answered this evening on FB…details here.

Go’Head Baby!



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One reply on ““Ask a BIG HAIR Question” Segment (TODAY, 9-11pm EST): Journey to My Roots talks “Protective Styling”

  • Nicole M

    Hello Journey 🙂

    i want to let you know that i truly enjoy your posts and vids (FB and YT). this is my second journey…first time was over 15 years ago before it was receiving all this hype…Erykah Badu, Zhane and Lauryn Hill were my inspiration. Met my now husband continued until pre wedding and ended up relaxing…i was “tricked” into a texturizer, but my proud coils said ‘what do you think you’re really doin’. Suffice it to say, i continued with relaxers sometimes sneaking in a treatment at 4 weeks because my hair would be real ‘coarse’ at the root and caused damage down the shaft. post 2 children i made a decision after watching many big chop videos that it was time to return to my natural self. Phew, what a sigh of relief that was. I’m in the ‘power to the people’ stage of natural living free and loving my not so TWA…my question is moisture and the co wash. until YT i had no idea what it was. my hair loves mositure, and sheen…however, forgetting how much oil is in there, is a good reminder after rubbing my hands in it…any tips?

    I thank you again for your insight and sharing YOUR story and experience, it takes a lot of gumption to do that. i also appreciate your thoroughness and reminders that we must all still be responsible for our own research.

    More power to you and continued success!
    Blessings from Toronto Canada

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