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Ok so, every BBH demands a Baby Big Hair Lifestyle. Yes, this Mommy’s got crafts but I’m also a BIG fan of all things fashion and decor. So from time to time, we will feature such things that reflect the BBH Lifestyle. Fun, cute and fierce!

Today’s feature is BBH’s own nursery, which I miss something AWFUL (golly)! This room right here kicked off my quasi-obsession for nurseries and kids rooms. I call this style “Modern-Ethnic-Chic” (sounds official right? LOL!). Now I am not a pink or pastel kinda chick, so I knew I didn’t want fru fru, but I still wanted a room fit for a princess:) These pics show just the bones of the room. Somewhere on some disc or back up mechanism I have photos of the room after BBH was born with that “lived-in” look when you can just literally smell the baby-powder upon sight. But for now it is a sweet, sweet memory. Trust, it was supacute though. HHHHhhhhh.

A little information on what you see here: The “Roxanne” crib and changer and bedding were Walmart online purchases. DO NOT SLEEP ON WALLY – OK?!?!? They have amazing designer – type styles for a fraction of the cost and products that last. The fur rug was a great buy via JCPenny online (drapes also JCP). The large diaper pin can still be found at All Modern Baby; though I paid 1/2 that from somewhere else (sorry can’t remember). The rocking chair (my one splurge) was purchased at Zac and Zoe online store. The teddybear light/fan pulls and pink & cream organizers were from Lowes, and lastly the mobile was a West Elm clearance find and its in her current room today. Everything else I pulled from around the house. The wall color was “Malted Milk Ball” (told you, couldn’t do pink!) that I found at Lowes. Her nursery was a den in our small condo at the time so it was important that it flowed with the rest of the house. Plus, I have a very low tolerance for the ordinary and didn’t want the expected “nursery look”. I loved how you could keep the door open to the living room and it wasn’t apparent it was a nursery. Anywho. Hope you like and thanks for joining us for a look into the BBH Lifestyle (*queue HGTV type music*)!

[look at my baby patting that BIG HAIR…yummy girl!!]

Go’Head Baby!

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