I’m thrilled to be a part of Hair Carnival, a great hair share opportunity.  I’ve missed a couple already (bad mommy), but I’ll be dag’on I’m not on the Hair Carnival train this month!  So for this month’s Hair Carnival I was to pick a style from the awesome blog Diva Locks to copy on BBH’s hair.  1st off, Love me some  Diva Locks.  Her styles are always supacute AND mommy’s got crafts for dayz.  Seriously.  Check out her Hair Accessories tab.  Anywho, sooooo many cute styles to choose from.  One of my favs is her Zig Zag Parts with Three Strand Twist Style.  I was all set to do it, but life happened and I was pressed for time. So I went for option B, the 3 Strand Twist & Braided Pony.  I LOVE THIS! Its so simple and easy, but so not ordinary.  Plus, its a great way to stretch the hair or extend hairwashing by a day or two.  Steps are:

      • Simply section hair for desired ponies and band
      • Separate each pony into  3 small smaller sections
      • braid 1 section and twist the other two sections separately so that you have 1 braid and 2 twists
      • Braid these three small sections into 1 large braid
Results are…SUPACUTE, check it out.  First the Hairspiration pic from Diva Locks:
Here is our “Copycat” version.   Note, this is supaquick and easy when your running a little behind (what mommy doesn’t from time to time!!)…

Notice the middle sections were extra chunkay!  No time to further part, had to go!
Be sure to check out all the other wonderful copy cat styles by clicking the “Hair Carnival” link button below. Until next time…
Go’Head Baby!

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