Honestly, I shouldn’t even say anything in this post. Nope. Just let the pics marinate… No heading, no caption, just BAM! – pics of this RIDONKULOUS style by Rory of Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care (CHVC). The effect this style had on me is equivalent to throwing the mic, muggin’ real mean and exiting the stage after a crazy live performance. Like, did I…did I just get served?!?! LOL! OO-oo, no I got it… OK. It’s like that scene in The Bodyguard where Whitney Houston‘s sister (in the movie) starts singing “Yes Jesus Loves Me” all quietly and angelic like and you start thinking to yourself “well alright now, sang honey!” But then Whitney steps outside and effortlessly PUTS HER WEIGHT ON IT and slaaaays it. She kills it and there it is, it’s a wrap, it’s over. That is THIS style in a nutshell folks, trust. IT’S A WRAP!!! Golly, were do I start?

FIRST, the parting detail, I-LOVE-IT!!! Rory posted on the Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care Facebook Page that she sketched it out before styling. See, that right there is just on a whole’nother level for me. SECOND, the amazing flat rope twists. They are flawless people!! What in the world? THIRD, that Halo (clears throat and channels Beyonce “Halo, Halo Halo-oo-oo”). I mean, how much glory do you want?!? The entire style just takes me outta here. It’s seamless! I do not see ‘nam rubberband in that baby’s hair. Which leads me to that precious Lil’Boo. What a style fitting for such a sweet little angel. Oh and baby’s got BIG HAIR too, check her out here. Ok, so you MUST see CHVC’s amazing tutorial on this All Around Rope Twist Style (and others). It’s a great read and easy to follow. She also has a Flat Rope Twist Tutorial posted on YouTube (which I will be wearing out, trust!!). Now wouldn’t this be awesome flower girl hair with a little baby’s breath?! Hhhhhh. Rope-a-Dope!! Let me stop typing…

Go’Head Baby!

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