Let’s Do the Twist with Beautiful Curls (Product(s) Review)

At LAST!! Got my BBH back in her twists. It was a journey ya’ll, trust. I washed BBH’s her via our normal hairwashing routine, but due to time constraints, I couldn’t get busy with the twists like I wanted to. So I did a few quick ponies and ‘rope-a-doped’ them with box rope twists. BBH’s twists would have to wait for the next day. Now THAT is a first. I ALWAYS twist BBH’s newly washed hair….AHWLWAYZ!!!! HHHhhhhhh. It was actually a good thing because I was severally low on my staple Kinky-Curly‘s Knot Today Leave In Conditioner so I was in no position to put my weight on some twists anyway. So the next day, I carved out late afternoon to twist her hair. AND I was eager to try the Beautiful Curls Shea Butter & Coconut Hydrating Curl Oil I got at Whole Foods (remember my post? It was free, EEK!). This oil is hot off the press as its not even listed on the Beautiful Curls site yet, though I did find this press release. Ooweee! We’re on the cusp of something new fam!!

Now before I move on, let me just s’plain my relationship with Beautiful Curls (BC). I have courted BC products for a little over a year now. What I love most about the company is their strive for fine products and its community empowerment projects that are “aimed at alleviating poverty and advancing gender equality.” You can read more about it here. So you can feel good about your purchase every time, but trust, a little goes along way. I’ve worked with the same initial products I bought a year ago (uhm, shelf life is not an issue). If it were not so, I would have told you!! Now I’ve tried everything under the Curl Activating Curly to Kinky Hair line (they also have wavy to curly line for my less coily BBH’s) except the Shampoo. For the purposes of this post, I will review in detail 3 of my fav: the Shea Butter Curl Activating Cream, Shea Butter Curl Sculpting Wax and recently the Hydrating Curl Oil.

Now back to our regular scheduled program. I began to unravel the twisted ponies in BBH’s hair to detangle her hair. Looky here at this gorgeous twist out potential..

Here is her hair after further unraveling…. I love this girl’s hair MAN! OK?!?! Hhhhhhh.

Tools of choice to begin this well overdue twisting session? My triple threat combo: 1) Wide Tooth comb; 2) modified Denman brush; and 3) Spray water bottle filled with water and part Leave In conditioner (just shake!). See related detangling post. THIS time, I added a few good drops of the Beautiful Curls Shea Butter & Coconut Hydrating Curl Oil to the spray bottle mixture. Oowee, I LOVE the BC Hydrating Curl Oil. Lets take a closer look, shall we?


  • Price: Ehhh, its not cheap. $8.99 for a 4 fl oz bottle – BUT for the killer combo of the following ingredients into 1 product, you can’t beat it: Sesame Oil, Shea Leaf, Sunflower Oil, Shea Butter and Coconut oil, to name a few…
  • Smell: It’s strong folks, not even gonna lie. But if you add to your water/leave in mixture, it all but dissipates shortly after contact. It’s much stronger if you rub in your hands and directly apply to hair. I’m thinking if you have a supasensitive nose, you should definitely try it in a spray bottle.
  • Consistency: Not super light, but far from thick.
This oil worked wonders in my spray bottle mixture. I could tell I was getting good slippage from it. I used our wide toothed comb to work the mixture through her hair.

I barely put a dent in the bottle so truly a little drop will do ya. Next, I whip out my trusted BC Curl Activating Creme. “People Let Me Tell Ya’Bout my Be-e-st Friend!!” This right here is a staple product folks. Especially for twist styles. I use it by itself or in conjunction with Kinky-Curly‘s Tiny Twirls Styler for great hold and sheen (for like DAYZ). Lets go in for more detail…


  • Price: For what it does for us? Justifiably priced at $14.00 for an 8oz tub. PLUS, Whole Foods frequently has this product on sale. AND not to mention, a little goes well beyond a long way.
  • Smell: Light to Medium. Just kinda “hair product-ey” smelling. Not as strong or distinctive as the Hydrating Oil.
  • Consistency: A cross between yogurt and pudding. A very rich and smooth texture.
Ah yeah baby! Lets get to twistin’ up in this joint. I put a fingertip amount of the cream on each twist and blend it in with my Denman brush. Clumping is insane. This stuff is also good for defining BIG HAIR curls, but I like it for general styling the most. Anywho, I just started twisting away….
At the end of each twist, I use the Beautiful Curls Shea Butter Sculpting Wax to keep the twists from unraveling. Now this product you can use all over, but it’s a bit heavy for BBH’s hair, so I like to focus on her ends for extra protection. Lets take a closer look:
  • Price: $10.00 for a small 2oz tub (guess tub is the wrong word in this case, LOL!). Again, not cheap but as stated earlier above, Whole Foods frequently has this product on sale. AND not to mention, this too goes a long way; remember, I’ve had this for about a year. Let me also say these are Fair Trade Certified Shea products. In essence, you get what you pay for.
  • Smell: Light to Medium. Smells like Shea Butter. Again, not as strong or distinctive as the Hydrating Oil.
  • Consistency: Thick butter (real butter) like consistency, but melts away in the palm of your hand.

I really like this wax but trust, I will DROP IT LIKE HOTCAKES if anybody comes for my BC Curl Activating Creme! Just sayin’… Here is a pic of the wax applied to the ends of the hair, it’s like bu’dah baby!

Now for the BIG reveal and making a special guest appearance……

*Gasp* Is that a…a not-so-blasted cornrow?!?!? Why yes it IS!!!!

No please, no applause please…please stop..it’s too much..really…Thank you…Eh-Thankyouverymuch!

EEK! Many thanks to Charlotte of Charlotte’s Avenue for “Head Band” hairspiration on this one. She was killin’ those on her girls awhile back. Our head band consist of 3 cornrows. One large one starting from the left ear to the right and two smaller ones starting from the right ear towards the left stopping about 1/2 way. My initial idea was to create a flower effect in the front (#FAIL). NOT so hot, so I just carried the smaller braids over to the left and secured them with a band and the large braid I secured on the right to another twist to keep it flat, like so…

I feel like Hercules on that headband (Go me, It’s my birfday, I’m gonna cornrow like it’s my birfday!!) Alright folks. To wrap it up here (thanks for staying with me). Let me once again show some MAD love for Beautiful Curls as promised and stress again the line reviewed in this post (and on my own dime) is the “Curl Activating for Curly to Kinky Hair” line. The line for looser curls is called “Curl Enhancing for Wavy to Curly Hair.” They also have a line for babies and up called “Curl Nurturing.” By the time I fell into BC products, BBH’s hair had crossed over to “BIG HAIR” so never tried it, but based on the Curly to Kinky line, I would recommend it. Quick shout out to the Curl Activating Leave’In Conditioner that I often “pre-poo” with and the Deep Conditioning Treatment for Curly to Kinky Hair I’ve used on occasion (though it is a little too thick for her hair). Oh, and the Curl Reviving Tonic (for all hairtypes). These are all fine products, as I am sure the Shampoo is too, but in a line up, the Activating Creme and Sculpting Wax and Oil will never get too low up in this piece, as long as I am a twisting fool, LOL! Perhaps I’ll review those in a separate post to bring the BC love affair full circle.

Remember, get thee to Whole Foods. They have BC products on sale frequently. They may even have a few sample packets which got me hooked in the first place. Whew! This has to be the longest post I’ve done EVER!! See, my product junky issues = your gain:) Yay! OO- Have you seen my cornrows yet; SAY WHA?!?!

Go’Head Baby!

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29 replies on “Let’s Do the Twist with Beautiful Curls (Product(s) Review)

  • Michelle G

    Go ahead BBH! Her hair looks nice. I love the lil cornrows on each side of the big one in her headband. I too love the story behind BC and look forward to trying them soon. I hope that my experience is as good as yours but I am sure it will be. Thanks for the reviews you just made my desire for their products stronger. LOL.

  • Nikki C

    Ok, you know I make my own products, but when I read things like this it really brings up the PJ in me that I keep stuffing back down lol. BBH’s hair looks gorgeous. Ok, you talked me into going to buy some wax to try, in place of rubber bands… πŸ™‚

    Go ‘head Baby, cornrow!

  • Charlotte

    Alright now!! She looks GORGEOUS, as always and YOU DID IT!! I TOLD YOU that you could do it!!! You did a fantastic job!! Her hair is amazing… Beautiful!! And those products… Whew… I wanna go to Whole Foods now… You know I enjoy making my own stuff too… but, I love the way these products work on her hair!!! Mmmmm…

    Thank you much for the shout out, doll!! It’s appreciated!! πŸ™‚ <3


  • chloe

    Thanks Michelle! The sign of a true product junkie…the birth of new project junkies, lol!! Oh snap I forgot to mention they have skincare products too, never tried.

  • chloe

    I am, I am lawd!! Thanks Nikki C! I KNOW! Personally I was looking for an essential oil to try and was gonna buy coconut oil, ’till I saw BC’s oil. I already knew BBH’s hair was in agmt w/that product line so I had to try it…

  • chloe

    :”’) Thanks Char!!! I did it! Watch out’na!! Still got a lil’ somethin for ya….Stay tuned! πŸ™‚ I just love twists. I know you already know this MAN!

  • GretchenLovetodohair

    so gorgeous!!! you did am amazing job! oh how i wish i had money to try new products on my lil ladies hair.

  • KeeKeeAllNatural

    WOW! Her twist are so bold & beautiful. The Cornrow Headband was perfect! What I really enjoy about this post was the review. I love the step by step pictures & the actual consistency of how the product worked on your daughter’s hair. Beautiful πŸ˜‰

  • chloe

    Awh shucks thanks KeeKee!!!! I was completely surprised at how cute that headband turned out. I kinda shocked myself!! Thanks for commenting Chica!!

  • chloe

    Thanks Gretchen! Sometimes they are about 20% off at Whole foods and I could never buy that stuff all at once. I’d just check back every so often and but 1 at a time till I finally had a full collection. What I do like is how long they’ve lasted. Now maybe that’s because I try other things here & there to, so it stretches my use out a bit, but in general with this line, $10 today over the coarse of 12 months is $.83 a month, If you look at it that way…(listen to my pj self talkin, LOL!). Thanks for commenting lady!

  • GretchenLovetodohair

    where i live it stinks when it comes to store that carry good hair stuff. i dnt have a whole foods, my target doesnt carry anything good. my sallys doesnt carry anything good. lol. i have to order everything online and the shipping kills me. have you tryed kinky curly tho? i am thinking about getting some of their cuz i have a gift card for target so i was thinking bout ordering some off line. i’ve heard pretty good things about them =)

  • Miche'al

    You need to be a spokewomen for BC products. I am headed to Whole Foods this weekend. I love her twist. I put twist in my daughters hair but they get dry at times.

  • Tiffany


    I absolutely love your daughters hair. I have two daughters ages 4 and 7 both with different hair textures. My 4 yr old has very fine hair, sort of thin and curly hair, while my 7 year old has curly but thicker hair. I am trying to find a product for both textures that will help keep the twist from unraveling or becoming lenty. You seem to have it under control so any advice would be great. Usually I can only keep the twist in there hair for about 3 days or so. I don’t know if it’s my technique or the product.



  • chloe

    Hi Tiffany! Thank you and thanks for reading:) I think you may like the Beautiful Curls Curl Activating Creme (Curly to Kinky). I like how it dries with a good amount of hold. You can apply more heavily to the thicker hair and very lightly on the finer hair or water it down just a tad. BC also has a “wavy to curly” line that may work for your 4 year old’s finer hair. I apply BC to freshly washed hair for maximize hold and through the week, I’ll reapply on ends as needed (naps at school on cotton..hhh). Also, 2 strand twists are best for not unraveling. Though I like the look of rope twists, I have to do them much smaller in order to not use rubberbands to keep them in place. They also take a little bit more time to put in. Hope this helps!!!

  • Marcie

    This is a beautiful hairstyle. I tried it on my daughter and it looked great, except the twists were loose at the scalp. How do you get the twist tight enough to last? I’m new at this. Thank you.

  • chloe

    Hi Marcie!!

    Ahh, honestly it took about a good minute before I was able to make them tight. Hhhhhmmm. Best I can describe it. I start w/2 strands (naturally) and I cross over right to left. the first couple times I wrap tightly around the hair in my left hand THEN I start traditionally twisting. AND the smaller the twists the tighter they will be. I actually have some footage somewhere for a vid (Where is that?!?!). Well, Go’Head Baby and try it and let me know if it makes sense to you. Thanks for commenting!!

  • Nia/Wynter M.

    I’m late, but I’m so loving her twist! I’m soooo stealing the headband for sure this week! I’ll post a pic… I’m mad I never noticed this in Whole Foods… Great review!

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