So,  as you know we’re back in our fav protective style for BIG HAIR, twists!  From last week’s post I shared how we put these bad boys in with products from the Beautiful Curls (BC) Curl Activating Curly to Kinky Hair line. You may recall I mentioned that I started on BBH’s hair one fine late afternoon (emphasis on “late”).  BAD MOVE.  After all the hours of twisting her hair, it was still a little damp when she went to bed.  Results= frizzies and limp twists in the AM, like instant day 5 hair (oh gaaaaaaa!).  I just lived with it for a few days but as soon as the opportunity presented itself,  I re-twisted the front and top layers of her twists.  I lightly spritzed her hair w/my concoction and added a bit of the Queen Helene’s Curl Shaping Creme (great hold and sheen and fabulous for defining curls, trust- posted here). I did this because her hair was fully loaded with BC products from a few days before and I just needed to revive and give her hair a little more hold for the next week.

While I was at it,  I decided to redo her “hair band.”  Feeling pretty confident from the cornrow head band style I did previously (see here. No more blasted cornrows, YEY!), I thought I try another corn row style.  Sooooo making a second special guest appearance is yet again is the cornrow, 2 to be exact:)

Let’s take a closer look, shall we??

Now can I get an AMEN on those cornrows? Hallelu!!

I remixed her twists much earlier in the afternoon so her hair was good and dry by the evening, plus I wasn’t working with saturated “hairwashing day” hair.  It was just barely damp with my water/Leave In mixture (Kinky Curly’s Knot Today) with a few drops of Beautiful Curls new Shea Butter & Coconut Hydrating Curl Oil (see BC review here).  This is her hair 5-6 days later without adding a lick of product to it whatsoever (for real), just covering at night…

Much, MUCH better and more typical of the results I get from styling her twists. Whew!  I’m at peace now.  Stay tuned for another remix!!

Go’Head Baby!

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