Had to share this latest video by Beads, Braids and Beyond featuring Nikki G’s beautiful girl “Little A” detangling her long, gorgeous (& ridiculous) natural hair. It’s really too cute and yummy for words (that BABY!). Check this out:

Good job Little A!!!!! Now let me just say its never too young to train your BBH in the basics:

  1. Detangle on wet hair (with added conditioner is best for great slippage)
  2. Detangle with fingers first
  3. Detangle with comb or brush

The 3rd (or 4th) step really depends on how much detangling is needed. For example after I detangle with my fingers I use a wide tooth comb and then the brush like Little A is using in the video. I altered our Denman brush by removing a few rows, a great tip I learned from Beads, Braids and Beyond. I found a video on removing rows here. Mind you, you can purchase a Denman type brush at your local beauty store for less, but check to see if the rows are individually removable, especially for thicker hair types. TRUST. Error on the side of caution on this, Denmans can be a blessing or a curse if you don’t modify it for your BBH’s hair type. Of course the best time to detangle is on freshly washed hair. But if you need to detangle throughout the week, whip out your BBH weapon, a spray bottle filled with water mixed with a little “leave in” conditioner. Here is a pic of our detangling tools (queue music – “This is How We Do It”):

I haven’t broken off the wisdom of detangling on BBH just yet for fear she’d constantly have a comb to her head and mess up a good Sunday style or two (lol!), but what she does like to do is apply product to her hair. Ahhh yes, my little PJ in the making:) How does your BBH get involved in the BIG HAIR process?? How do you detangle?

Be Curly!

So, I was getting low on my staple Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave in Conditioner and “anyone who knows me” knows that’s my lifeline for BBH’s hair. So off to Whole Foods I went. Well I’ll be, I see “new” stickers all over the place in the Beautiful Curls section. There it was: Shea Butter & Coconut Hydrating Curl Oil

eeeeEEEEEK! BBH’s hair adores the BC’s Curl Activating Creme and responds great to Shea Buttter based products especially the BC line of styling products (i.e. their curl creme and sculpting wax). Plus, I really wanted to try a different all natural oil and was leaning towards purchasing some coconut oil. But this combo was KILLER!! Had to have it and snatched that bad boy right up, and (I know, smh) the Kinky Curly Knot Today I came for. HHhhhh. YA’LL DON’T LOVE ME!! You say you do, but aint nobody praying this PJ spirit away, OH GAAAAAAA (*runs away crying*)!! LOL! I jus’playin, I jus’playin:)

K. So here is the catch. The lady at the register couldn’t get the oil to ring up (prolly cuz it was so new to their system? Its not even on the BC site listed as a product yet. IDK, who CARES!?!). She looks at me and says “This is your lucky day, I can’t ring it so its yours.” Yes hon, I got it for FREE!! Did He get ALLLLLLLL the glory in Whole Foods?? Trust, He did!! Product review coming with mad love for Beautiful Curls. And to my new friend at the register…

Go’Head Baby!

Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Aisha of Braid With Me and her stunning little girl Anisa. Now trust, babygirl’s got BIG HAIR!!! Well, I didn’t have to go far to track down this Mommy as she was the creator of the glorious “Big Hair on the Side” Hairspiration Style posted this week!! Aisha is a BEAST when it comes to braiding. I am in straight up awe of her skills (no blasted cornrow for this Mommy, LOL!), and Anisa is just a sweet little thing! We’re fortunate to have so many fantastic pics of Anisa’s BIG HAIR in one place!! OOOWEEE! Well, let’s get right to it, shall we??

BBH: What is your hair washing routine?
I am currently working on a new routine for my daughter. She has been having some issues with eczema so I have switched from washing her hair once a week to every two weeks. I am currently using Bee Mine Bee Nourished Ayurvedic Herbal Bar and Herbal Essence Hello Hydration (old ingredients) conditioner. [BBH: Awhhhh, sorry to hear that, but sounds like your working it out, pay attention BBH parents!!]

[BBH: OK, is it just me or do you hear angelic sounds when you look at THIS PIC?!?! ….Mommy just struck her rat-tail comb and parted that baby’s hair like the Red Sea!! ]

What do you find are the challenges for styling Anisa’s hair and how do you overcome them?
Time!!! Now that her little brother is so active and the fact that school has started we have less time for styling. I find myself relying on protective styles a lot more because of this. [BBH: Yessssss! Nothing like having to refresh a style every day or evening, heck or every other day!! ]

How do you entertain Anisa when styling her hair?
As far as entertaining goes, she actually prefers to have her iPod . Other than that, we talk about what I’m doing to her hair and why. She’s interested learning how to braid!! [BBH: Awahhhh! That special Mommy/daughter time and hair schooling, LOVE IT]

[BBH: Oooweeee! sing it with me – BIG HAIR on daaaaaaaaaaaaa (*clap*) Siiiii-iii–iii-de! WOO!]

What are your fav products these days?
I will always love Bee Mine!! [BBH: Ooo lets bump that up on the list then!] I recently tried Oyin Handmade products and I love them as well. My favorite “in the store” product is Carol’s Daughter Lite Hair Milk. I also make my own mixture, which includes unrefined shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, and castor oil. [BBH: Got it!!]

How does she feel about her hair??
She loves it!! [BBH: Uhm, if you were tearing my head up on the regular like that, I would too, OK!?!!] She loves to tell me which style she would like. Whenever we’re out in public and someone compliments her hair, she ALWAYS tells them about the Protective Style Challenge that she won! Lol!! She doesn’t tell them that she won, she tells them the rules!! No rubberbands, No beads, No barrettes, No heat!! Lol!! [BBH: That is so dag’on CUTE! Look at this baby….sssstop!!]

Tips for wearing BIG HAIR or fav “quick” styles.
The most important tip I have is to not focus on length!! [BBH: That’s right, shrinkage will get you every time…] The overall health is the most important thing. I don’t really have a fav quick style but my favorite protective style is box braids.

BBH: Last but not least, what is the inspiration behind your blog Braid With Me?
I recently started my own blog, www.braidwithme.blogspot.com. I decided to start it after the suggestion of Nikki from www.beadsbraidsbeyond.blogspot.com. While guest blogging on her site, I received a lot of positive feedback about the styles that I create. [BBH: Trust, I was one of those folks!!! So glad you stepped out…] I’m still pretty new to the blogging world, but if you would like to see more please stop by our page and join!! Also, be sure to “Like” our Facebook fan page to view our style gallery. [BBH: UHM, DO’DIS FOLKS!!]

Thank you Mommy Aisha and Anisa (Ms. Pretty, Pretty) for participating!!! LOVE this child’s hair, OK?!?!? And I mean you’ve only seem a glimpse, a tiny taste, just a hint of the meticulous styles Mommy Aisha whips up and puts down like the “Braided Twisted Rolled” style or the “Back to School” style she did this year. Shooooo, I’d have Hairspirations lined up through the end of the year from her blog alone!! Golly. Hhhhhhh. Get over to www.braidwithme.blogspot.com or like the Braid With Me FB Page and tell her Baby Big Hair sent ya! *P.S. Mommy Aisha has a “Teach With Me” section of her blog dedicated to various educational resources that could be useful for you and your BBH. LOVE IT!

Go ‘Head Baby!!

Officially took down BBH’s recent Twist and Twist out Style. She is SO in need of a deep condition (still from braids earlier in the summer; bad mommy!) and a protective style so I can rest her hair a bit. Plus I just miss my small twists!! Anywho. This is BBH in all her BIG HAIR glory having a lil’fun, complete with princess gear, smh…

Go’Head Baby!

OOWEEE!! This style from Aisha of Braid With Me just speaks to me!! Something about those perfectly aligned cornrows driving your eyes to premium-quality-deluxe BIG HAIR on the side. I can get lost in the details of each braid. The curvature in the front. All those perfect lines?!? Each braid super luscious!!!! Together with that GORGEOUS delicately detangled BIG HAIR?!?!!! HHHHhhhhh *swoons and passes out*

Hhhmm, I may just have to cop this style one fine day when I perfect the blasted cornrow (*runs away crying*), LOL! Thanks Aisha for the honor of sharing!! And trust, I do want to braid with YOU!!!!

Go’Head Baby!

No BBH Blast today folks.  I’m still catching up on all the fabulous info Journey to My Roots laid on us last night on  BBH Face Book Page during our Ask a BIG HAIR Question segment!!  WHEW DOGGIES, and I MEAN she came out with spray bottles loaded (get it? water/conditioner mixed in a spray bottle?)!!!  But what I will do is share a couple baby pics of yours truly, Mommy BBH!!!  Lets dig into these pictures, shall we??  

The Baby FRO.
Very quick and easy.  Notice the ever so glistening sheen of my baby fro.  No doubt Grandma BBH was breaking off quality juices and berries to achieve such a glorious poof.  And can we just say Grandma BBH is just SUPAFLY?!?!?

The Ponies
Ahh yes. Parted ever so delicately with the lovely smoothed out “baby hair whispers” on the hair line.  A classic.  I suspect just a hint of coiling in each pony. And no doubt those bows were custom made.  Grandma BBH got crafts lawd.  Once again, this mommy gets an A+ for hydrating some baby curls.  I suspect she may have had product junkie issues (fruit doesn’t fall far from a tree, LOL!).  But then again, back in the day it was plain and simple: water & grease.  As Charlotte of Charlotte’s Avenue would say… GROWTH DON”T LIE!!

The Evolution of BIG HAIR
Like all true BBH’s, there comes a point when its just BIG HAIR. Clearly I crossed over at some point.  But once again, Grandma BBH would not be defeated.  With bands and barretes at hand, she was determined to have that perfect picture day (me, not so much I hated taking pictures, hmm still do kinda actually).  What is missing from this picture is a large bantu braid like knot on the very top of my head.  TRUST, it is there… It DIDN’T MAKE IT (in my best American Idol audition rejectee “I didn’t make it!” impersonation *runs off*)!   Sometimes BIG HAIR just happens, all of it can’t make the photo op.

So there you have it folks. Genetics at its best.  I suppose you could say I put my own mother on Blast. Shh! Don’t tell her. Well, she was quite the BIG HAIR artisan:)  Love you Mom!

Go’Head Baby!!

Have your BIG HAIR Questions answered today by Journey to My Roots tonight on our BBH Face Book Page from 9 – 11pm EST.  A hot topic of the evening will no doubt be moisture.  See what  Journey to My Roots has to say about that…

Dont forget to stop by our FB page and join in the fun or just learn from the sidelines.  Participation details and related BBH NotePage can be found here.  See you there!

Go’Head Baby!



Are you stomped on “Protective Styling”??  Come join us tonight from 9-11pm EST on our BBH Face Book Page for our “Ask a BIG HAIR Question” segment featuring “hair-xpert” Journey to My Roots.  Here are a few words from her on this very topic…

Super informative!  Come and get your natural hair questions answered this evening on FB…details here.

Go’Head Baby!



Tick tock, tick tock! Can’t wait to get this show on the road! Check out this preview by Journey to My Roots  (thanks Journey)!  Spread the word and join us on the BBH Face Book Page this evening! Please find participation instructions and the related BBH NotePage (for your convenience) here!  Remember, you have the option to submit your question(s) in advance to by emailing them to info@babybighair.com, this will ensure they will be addressed within the allotted time.  JOIN THE BBH JOURNEY TO HEALTHIER HAIR!!

Go’Head Baby!

After a few days of wearing her rope twist ponies style, I noticed BBH’s hair was looking dry. That’s when I realized I should’ve done a deep conditioning treatment after her wearing braids as long as she did. HHHhhh. Bad Mommy. I was also getting a lot of fuzzy action in the front of her hair on one particular side. So I decided to do flat twists…

I spritzed her hair with my water and Kinky Curly’s Knot Today Leave In Conditioner mixture and used a little Kinky Curly Tiny Twirls Styler to redo each twist. This revived her style for a few more days. Then, I started to take the ponies down over the weekend, initially to restyle or circle back to deep conditioning, but ‘lo and behold, the accidental twist out was AMAZING!!!!  I sure did slap a quick bow in her hair and called it the day…

^^^ What is up with that face?!?, LOL!!

Supacute! So we rocked it again as our Sunday Style, adding a small protective flat twist in front left. Ok, folks this is high on the list for school pics!!!! EEK!  Now who has curls???

I do!!

Go’Head Baby!