OWEEE!!!  We hit 5000 FB Fans and doing it BIG baby with some giveaways!  We’re partnering with our friends at Little Penguins (LP) for a delightful like giveaway featuring one Smoothie/Fresh Combo consisting of Fresh Creme Intense Conditioner (4 oz. $12 value), Organic Honey Vanilla Bean Smoothie (8 oz, $11 value) and your choice – Mocha Bean Pom, Unscented Coconut Cupuacu, or Organic Mango Illipe Pom, each at $8.50. We heart Mommy Kelly and her GORGEOUS Baby Big Hair Ella, GAAAAA!!! Peep her rockin our “BBH Logo” and “Yes…It’s all Mine” Tees:

HHHHHHHHHh.  YUMMINESS! *goes completely OFF* Here’s a little something about this awesome company (from the LP website):

Little Penguins was created for our daughter.  Growing up vegetarian, I was constantly concocting some sort of food based, natural hair or skin “cocktail” and then forgetting about it in the fridge after a single use.

I dragged home any book that I could find in the library, having to do with  the  possible uses of herbs and food, for skin and hair. It was not unusual to have someone angry because I had used the last of the yogurt on my face, or banana on my hair.

I was fascinated with the properties that food, plants, and herbs had to offer not just our tummies, but our exterior bodies as well. 

It wasn’t until I found out we were expecting our daughter though, and I was unable to find much out there that I felt comfortable putting on her tiny body and hair, that Little Penguings online was born.

YESSSSS!  Dont the babies inspire us ALL?!?! Read AWEMAZING  reviews of LP from Charlotte’s Avenue  here , Precious Curls here and Beads Braids and Beyond here.   To enter this SUPASWEET giveaway complete the Rafflecopter form below (please see Terms and Conditions and note “Mandatory” entries). One (1) winner will be randomly selected. LEZGO! This giveaway ends Thursday, November 1 at 12:01am EST.

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Ah YEAH BABY!!!  To commemorate our reaching 5000 FB Fans, we’re partnering with CARA B Naturally (CBN) for an fantabulous giveaway featuring one CBN Gift Basket ($60 Value, OWEE!). “Anybody that know me”, knows I love me some CBN! Here’s a little something about this awesome company (from the CBN website):

CARA B Natural Products, Inc. is dedicated to providing premium quality, all-natural skin and hair care products for ethnically diverse children. Our products are formulated to enhance the natural beauty of babies and children with varying skin types and hair textures, while avoiding the use of any synthetic chemicals that can harm delicate skin and hair. Our products are made with only natural plant-based ingredients….

From our company mission and all-natural product formulations, to our high customer service standards and our charitable giving program – everything we do at CARA B Natural Products, Inc. is based on the belief that our Children Are Always Beautiful, Naturally™.

Read our skincare review here and haircare reviews here and here.  Good stuff, TRUST.  To enter this SUPASWEET giveaway complete the Rafflecopter form below (please see Terms and Conditions and note “Mandatory” entries). One (1) winner will be randomly selected. LEZGO! This giveaway ends Thursday, November 1 at 12:01am EST.

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GAAAAA! Still celebrating our 5k FB Fans mark!  Happy to advise that Xenon Project (XP) is partnering with us for a Giveway featuring your choice helicopter (Up to $29.99 value lawd)!!  Here’s a little somethin about  XP (from its website):

“XenonProject.com is dedicated to meeting the RC Toy needs of everyone – from beginners to experts. We sell a wide variety of remote control products, including: Nitro Gas Buggies, Nitro Gas Trucks, RC Airplanes, RC Helicopters, and RC parts and accessories. We carry large inventories of retail-packaged products and will also be introducing our own product line shortly.

Our Mission at XenonProject.com is to provide our customers with top of the line and easy-to-operate RC products with an enhanced and satisfying online shopping experience. We achieve this mission by putting our customer’s first. The functionality of our site is to provide you with a convenient view of all of our products, so you may select the product of your choice quickly and accurately and have it on your doorstep for your enjoyment in a most timely fashion.”

 EEEK!  One person will win your choice of the below 4 most popular XP models:

S107G Mini Gyro RC Helicopter (Red)

S108G Marines Force Gyro RC Helicopter (Gray)

S109G Mini Gyro Remote Control Helicopter (Green)

S102G Marine UH-60 Black Hawk RC Helicopter (Green)

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Go’Head Baby!

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EEEEK! To celebrate our 5k FB Fans mark, we are partnering with Mossy Rock Designs By Katie Bradley (MRD) for a fabulous giveaway  featuring 1 Gift Certificate  to her Etsy shop.   LOVE MRD!!! A little something about  the artist, Katie Bradley (from her Etsy shop):

I am a wife, mother, and a nerd. I have degrees in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and International Relations. Somewhere in the time between these, I have become an artist. My passion is creating watercolor and ink nursery art, and I have recently finished illustrating 2 children’s books. 
…… A lot of my art is centered around adoption, Africa, and art for children of a diverse ethnic background.

Awesome Sauce!!  Also, 20% of MSD’s Etsy income will be donated directly towards buying diapers, formula etc for orphanages while she’s in Ethiopia.  This is why we heart this Mommy so much, so talented and always giving back!!!  Love her work?!?!? Just enter the Rafflecopter form below (please see Terms and Conditions). One winner will be randomly selected, it could be you!!!.  Allllrighty, LEZGO! This giveaway ends Thurdsday November 1, at 12:01amEST.  Many thanks to Mossy Rock Designs by Katie Bradley  for this fantabulous Giveway!!!

Go’Head Baby!!

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HOOOOOWEEEEEEEEE!  We hit  5k fans/followers on the BBH FB Page,  and we’re pretty stoked about it.  Jumpin’ off these here fantastic GIVEAWAYS for our beloved BBH fam!  And what do we have here?!?!   One BEAUTIFUL beaded necklace from Lil’ Lady and Me (LL&M).  That’s right.  Mommy Keashay has been crankin out these beautiful bad boys as of late and we are LOVIN THEMMMMMMM!  Eek!  SupaExcited to partner with her for this Giveaway.  Here’s a lil’ somethin bout Lil’Lady and Me (from the LL & M website):

Lil Lady and Me specializes in custom made tutus and accessories for every little girl. Lovingly handmade in a smoke and pet free environment with premium tulle, our handcrafted items are designed by you…. We have an extensive selection of colors to choose from, and offer beautiful embellishments to give you a one of a kind creation!  

Need something to complete your outfit? Shop our accessories boutique to top it all off!  Whether you need something fun and playful or the perfect thing for a special occasion, we can give you just the right look specifically for your little lady! We love what we do and put it into each and every tutu! 

LOVES IT!!!  And I bet someone sho’would love that there necklace!! Just enter the Rafflecopter form below (please see Terms and Conditions and “Mandatory” entries). One winner will be randomly selected. LEZGO! This giveaway ends Thursday, November 1st  at 12:01amEST.  Shout out to Lil’Lady and Me for this delightful Giveway!!!

Go’Head Baby!

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Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Peachez and her beautiful little girl Briana Doll.  What a doll she is!!  Now that is some hair on a child am I right?  Well we had the pleasure of “chatting down” with Mommy to ge the mots on the up keep of that purdy ‘do.  Let’s jump right on in shall we?

BBH: What is your hair washing routine? 
I wash Briana’s hair 2 times a week (its very thick long hair). I shampoo and condition the hair from root to ends. I massage her roots for about 5 minutes during each wash. When shampooing & conditioning her hair, I rinse it out twice then I repeat the wash and massage step . I rinse out all products in “cold water” [BBH:  Mommy’s pretty thorough folks; she ain’t playin!!].

BBH: What do you find are the challenges for styling Briana’s hair and how do you over come them?
Biggest challenge is Briana’s hair only works well with lotion type products. Briana has silky  (when wet) yet very thick hair (when dry). If I style her hair straight it will last maybe 3 hours until it’s back to poof again! I over come that by not straightening it often (we Love briana’s BIG hair), and try to teach her that it doesn’t have to be super straight to be beautiful. Also, when I braid her hair, some of her hair strands pop out (static) and look as if the braids were done days ago. I over come that by applying more hair products before I braid each row. Briana’s hair molds together to the smallest touch very easy when products are applied. When her hair is dry her hair is harder to manage,but when wet it is curly and for some reason better to comb threw or style [BBH:  Us too!!  US TOO!!]. So my job is to keep it moisturized by using our Organic Olive Oil products at all times.  [BBH:  mmmHHHmmm…]
BBH: How do you entertain Briana Doll when styling her hair?
Me and Briana bond and have a nice conversation during hair time, on days the style may take some time, Briana cradles her ipod.  Briana is beyond used to getting her hair washed and styled so with each appointment with mom, it gets easier by the day. Briana some times help reorganize the hair bow box,or hand me things I may need to complete the style (she’s my little helper). She loves to see the out come of each style and looks forward to each day to get it done. So just getting her hair done brings excitement and entertainment to briana’s little heart.  [BBH:  Well I can just hug a BBH!!  That is so sweet!!]
BBH: What are your fav products these days? [BBH: Lawd help me w/this LIST!!]
BBH: How does Briana Doll feel about her hair? 
Briana is ecstatic about how silky the texture is. When her hair is wet she loves her curls.  She also loves how long it has gotten and appreciates mommy for taking good care of it. [BBH: *Queue music* Sadie…. don’t you know we love ya Sweet Sadie….. Place no one above ya. Sweet Sadie (Well, well, well)!!]  Briana says she never wants to cut it. She enjoys wearing her hair down and naturally BIG and Fluffy. She is always ready and willing to get her hair styled, washed and complemented on:) Proud of her natural beauty! [BBH:  Yes Lawd!!  Say it Loud… BIG HAIR and I’M PROUD!!!]
BBH: Tips for wearing BIG HAIR or fav “quick” styles. 

Side pony puff ball [BBH: yeah], Mohawk [BBH: com’on now], two pony tails braids [BBH: say it!], and all natural hair fro [BBH: GLOREHHH!  Yes Hon!!  Will there be 1?  Will anyone come?!?…]
Whew!  Thanks for participating Mommy Peachez and Brianna Doll, you dollface you!!  Oweee that baby has som HAIR! Good job Mommy and bless your fingaz!!  I’m so lovin how Briana Doll is appreciative of the time, effort and love her Mommy gives her and her hair.  All kinda warm fuzzies up in this joint!  Awahhh…
Go”Head Baby!!

As some of you know we recently reviewed hair products by CARA B Naturally (see review here). In that review I explained how Leave-In Conditioner / Daily Moisturizer left me wanting more slippage used as a leave-in. I wanted to give you all an update on its use a daily moisturizer. So let’s take it again from the top shall we??

CARA B Leave-In Conditioner / Daily Moisturizer (See ingredients list here)

  • Price: $13.00 for 8 fl oz.  This product doubles as a Leave’In Conditioner, so technically your getting 2 products for 1 (Genius!).
  • Smell: Very, very light, soft and fresh smelling. Again, baby powder and a vanilla or sugary sweet smell.
  • Consistency: It’s rich, creamy and not runny all.

As a daily moisturizer, this product is a DREAM. I first dampened her hair with the CARA B Hair Mist (see review here). Look at the these moisturized coils.  Again, a little surprised at the definition we were getting, given these aren’t curl defining products.  This picture is prior to detangling a section of her hair…

This is a picture after working the daily moisturizer through and detangling her hair.  Can you imagine the softness? It’s truly delightful like!!

OK. So smoothing is just ridiculous, check it…

What in da world?!?! OOWEE! Let’s look at this again… It’s like budda’baby!

Here’s our remix style.  Braided twist ponies w/criss-cross into a high ponytail with loose twists. 

Jeah Boyee!!

In Summary

Big Ups
LOVIN’ this product as a daily moisturizer and I’ve been on a hunt for a good one for a hot minute. Smoothing is fantastic. When used in conjunction with the Hair Mist, her hair stays moisturized all day (meaning I did not have to reapply at night for the next day) if not for a few days. Being that this product is light, it doesn’t really build up like other products I’ve used, which is another plus.

*crickets*  This gets the job done for us as a daily moisturizer.  Me likey a LOT!

Go’Head Baby!

p.s.  See our CARA B Naturally skincare review, for great skincare products for your BBH:)

**Warning, upon review you may get served** LOL!  Jus’playin, I’m jus’playin… Now I’ve seen some creative stuff making its way ’round the natural hair blogosphere, but nothing quite as festively creative as these spooky spider styles from Keyative Styles and Mainly Braids. These mommies are about the bee’s knees, OK?!? Check it:

Keyative Styles “Cornrowed Spiderweb” Design

What is this!?! Really. REALLY??  I mean, how do you even think of this to begin with? The legs, the knot for the body. REALLY?  Get off my blog, LOL!!…  Seriously, this is AMAZING. Trust, folk were “all a twitter” when Keyative posted this RIDONKULOUS style. Take a look at fellow blogger Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care’s “Black Widow” rendition. She has an awesome tutorial as well. As for me?  Not EVEN tryna go there, smh…

Mainly Braids “Halloween Spider Web” Design

Now this will make you feel obligated to put your weight on some cookies or something to compete with that creative mommy that KEEPS COMING UP WITH STUFF!! Ssssssstop!! This style is FABROCIOUS!! Golly. This is yet another thinker style, but its that SUPACUTE webbing detail and spider decor that takes me outta here!! You must check out the Lil’pumkin style she posted last week (scroll all the way down for ribbon detail). Just sic. HHhhhh.

Don’t know about you but I never wanted a spider in my hair so stankin’ BAD!!  Oweee! GET IT MOMMIES!! Keyative Styles and Mainly Braids

Go’Head Baby!!

**GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED. WINNER SELECTED** See Rafflecopter form below.

EEEEEK! To celebrate our 5k FB Fans mark,  we are partnering with Erin Go Paint (EGP) for a frotastic giveaway featuring 1 8X10 print ($21 value lawd)!!  AAACK!  We heart this artist and her lovely works.  AWHLWAYS gots  ‘one eye’ on that supacute Fairytail/Princess Series. A little something about the artist (from the EGP website):

I am an illustrator and watercolorist known to also dabble in acrylics and textile painting as inspiration strikes. Playing with color, light and paint is my passion and favorite challenge. Experimentation and learning is integral in my art, leading me to study at most of the prestigious art schools in NYC. I live gluten-free, which has allowed my return to good health and gives me the energy & enthusiasm needed to focus on my craft.

Erin Go Paint has become my mantra, my reminder to keep creating no matter the obstacles. Drawing and painting feed my soul.”

To learn a bit more about this amazing artist and the muse behind many of her prints, check out our exclusive BBH “Blast” featuring Mommy Erin and her FRODORABLE daughter “A” here; she’s a cutie, TRUST!  Whelp, who’s ready to do this?!??  Just enter the Rafflecopter form below (please see Terms and Conditions and note “Mandatory” entries).  One (1) winner will be randomly selected. LEZGO! This giveaway ends Sunday, October 28th at 12:01am EST.   Thanks Erin Go Paint for partnering with us!!!


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Ok, so it may be somewhat obvious I’m a bit of an ol’skool Hip Hop/R&B head, Daddy BBH too (dude can spit!!). Naturally we were stoked when we heard about André 3000 of OutKast creating, executive producing and starring in “Class of 3000,” an animated television series on Cartoon Network. André 3000 is the voice of superstar and music teacher Sunny Bridges, set at Atlanta, Georgia’s Westley School of Performing Arts. Can I get a WOOT WOOT from our Atlanta BBH’s?? Jeah! Here’s a summary from www.tv.com:

“Class of 3000 is an animated series created by André Benjamin of the musical group Outkast. André plays a character named Sunny Bridges who graduated from Westley School of Performing Arts in Atlanta, Georgia and went on to become a huge musical star, winning 27 Grammys and a Nobel Prize. However, after finding that the lifestyle of a rich and famous music star does not sit well with him, he mysteriously walks out of the music industry at the height of his career. Now he is returning to his old hometown of Atlanta to give back to the community and the kids currently attending his old school as their new music teacher

The show debuted in 2007 but was later cancelled in 2010, allegedly due to budget and copyright infringement issues (grown folk stuff lawd). You can download the two existing season’s via iTunes.  This show is SUPACUTE and I absolutely love the diversity of the students. Now there is use of slang throughout that some “edu-ma-cated” BBH parents may not appreciate. BUT for us, it’s all good. People come in all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. Plus, it’s not like my writing style is all pristine, and I am “edu-ma-cated” LOL!!

Honestly, I think the show is more fitting for ages 4-8. But the music?!?! BANGIN’ for all ages!!! Oh it’s Andre 3000 all the way hon, trust. With jamz like “Throwdown”, “Banana Zoo” or “A Rich Shade of Blue”, your BBH will learn the art of some good head bobbin’. MMhhmm, put that baby on the MAP!! It’s jokes cuz I often find myself jammin’ to it in my car… ALONE, sans BBH. Yessss! It’s like that. If it were not so, I would have told you! Be careful to call it “Class of 3000” or you may get judged. Trust, you do not want your child asking to hear  “Andre 3000″ around strangers, smh…  Anywho, take a listen to a few of our favs.


Go’Head Baby!