So, I had the chance to interview my main man Maurice after I found out that he was the hair washer of the house! Yes, that’s right, he washes both of his beautiful young daughters’ hair! We love it!! I was like man, we gotta interview you on BabyBigHair to get your secrets. He was definitely up to the task so here we are! This is a brother after my own heart (actually he’s surpassed mine because I still haven’t broken out the shampoo myself! Ha! But I will use the sun to dry some hair!). Let’s see what Maurice has to say:

How did you get to have the lovely job of washing your daughters’ hair?
I got the lovely job of washing A and K’s hair by volunteering…my wife does a lot and I figured that would take one small thing off of her to do list. [Bruh, you know you made it hard for everybody else with that one statement right there! We can end the interview right now. But we’ll keep it movin’. LOL.] She already does so much for them… so I try to help when I can [Yeah Daddy!].

Can you briefly explain any particular techniques you use? Also, how do you keep the soap out of their eyes?
Man that is a hard one…my technique is to first wet their hair and then load it up with shampoo until it becomes a thick lather working my fingers in a back and forth motion until it feels like it’s clean [Shoot man, that’s a masterful steez if I do say so myself! Please, carry on…] I keep a wash cloth close by to wipe off the shampoo on their foreheads to keep it out of their eyes…I also have them to bend their heads back when I rinse their hair out…doesn’t work all of the time though…I have a hair rinsing bucket tool to rinse their hair and faces off with water. I then apply conditioner, comb it out and then rinse it again. [Plain and simple, I can dig it]

Any funny hair washing stories you want to share?
My youngest daughter K didn’t like getting her hair washed at first and would keep physically moving my hand off of her head when I would wash her hair. [Ya’ll gotta know K to know that when he says she moved his hand… she literally moved a grown man’s hand. That girl is strong!]

Any advice you want to share with perspective hair washing daddies out there?
To all of the Daddies out there…Help your wife out all you can when it comes to your daughter(s) hair. [You betta PREACH!] I can’t style hair at all [Say it!], so I help out with washing and conditioning…hey…but if you can style hair, do it…your wife will definitely appreciate it. It is also good way for you to spend a little time with your girls as well. [Deacons, please come to the alter… the doors to the chuuch are now open].

There you have it, The Hair Washing King has spoken. I definitely admire this brother’s know-how (not just in the hair washing department but knowing how to make sure he’s helping out his wife!). Can I get an amen? We know our wives appreciate it so let’s make it happen fellas. Until the next time…

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