Remember the crickets I was hearing this year when asking about CARA B?  Well, I couldn’t take it anymore. I contacted the company and they were gracious enough to send us a sample package to review for our beloved BBH readers…GAAAAAAAAA!!!! Ok, Ok. So I am like SUPASYKED!! Let me back up. I first saw CARA B products at (where else?) Whole Foods earlier this Summer, about the same time I stumbled upon Queen Helene Royal Curl Products. In fact I took a snap shot I took at the store to remind myself to ask around about it.   Mmhhmmm. We’ve been using the skin care line for two weeks now and wanted to share our thoughts (hair care line post also coming soon-EEK!). Well, I won’t hold ya, lets get to it shall we??


First and foremost, CARA B products (except for 1) are “Certified Natural skin and hair care for ethnically diverse babies and children.” By certified they mean the Natural Products Association ( Those folks set the standard. For BBH we currently alternate between Burts Bees and Yes to Carrots skin care lines, both of which have certified natural products (some). So all is good, trust. CARA B products are free of parabens, petrolatum, sulfates, and other chemicals and have no artificial colors or fragrances. A BIG plus for sensitive skin BBH’s out there.

CARA B believes “our children’s skin and hair is naturally beautiful and should be treated as such” and their slogan is “Children Are Always Beautiful, Naturally“, thus the acronym “CARA B” in CARA B Naturally (supacute!). They also have initiatives such as Giving Back, Naturally, a program dedicated to “partnering in the health and well-being of babies and children in our local communities.”  So thumbs up on the CARA B  mission at large! Can all the BBH’s say Amen?  Shout out to those purdly lil’ BIG HAIRZ on the bottle!!  Alright now, lets go…


So, I must say getting this package was a bit like….Christmas! Like about the age of 6-8 type of eekness going on. As a closet crafter, I’d be remiss not to mention OR highlight the detail put into this cutie patootie packaging!!!!  Oh GAAAA!! Check it!

I recently put in BBH’s twists so I decided to dive into the skincare products first, and what a pleasant delight!

CARA B Shampoo/Body Wash (see ingredients list here)

  • Price: $11.00 for 8 fl. oz. bottle. This is about consistent with other natural organic skin care products. For peace of mind or if you are passionate about natural products. I say its worth it.
  • Smell: Very, very light, soft and fresh smelling. First thoughts that come to mind are baby powder and then vanilla or sugary sweet smell.
  • Consistency: Hhhmm. Like a thin hand soap? Not super light, but far from thick. Almost transparent.

Lather on this is good. I’ve learned from using other natural products that they don’t lather up foamy like other products with chemicals. But this does lather on the skin. BBH likes bubbles in her tub so I sparingly squeeze a less than half a bottle cap in and this is what I get. Nice fluffy bubbles that dissipate over time, naturally…

I also like the product in the bath water. Just makes the water feel really smooth and soothing. Again the smell is really nice and calming. What is really nice is that it does not leave film on her skin like some other products do, but her skin feels moisturized. You can simply rinse with water no scrubbing required (know what I mean?). Also, I notice those little scraps and bumps she gets from playing hard all day seem to heal up better. Oh, and I must add it is “tear free”.

CARA B BABY BAR SOAP (see ingredients list here)

*Just want to note this is the one product that is not certified by Natural Products Association, but it’s listed as “All Natural.”

  • Price: $10.00 for 3 bars
  • Smell: Same as the Shampoo/Body Wash – very, very light, soft and fresh smelling. Again, baby powder and a vanilla or sugary sweet smell.
  • Consistency: A basic bar of soap at first glance, but has a faint oily residue to it, but in a good “its loaded with moisture” kinda way. Not a super creamy soap sticking to your wash cloth or hands, but very moisturizing. I used the bar on BBH’s face in the post pic.

I really like this bar. It doesn’t lather as much as the shampoo/body wash. I mainly use it on BBH’s face to conserve it as much as possible, LOL! Here is the bar after 2 weeks use…

CARA B BODY LOTION (see ingredients list here)

  • Price: $13.00 for 8 fl. oz.
  • Smell: Again, baby powder and a vanilla or sugary sweet smell. The smell is consistent with the other skin products.
  • Consistency: Creamy and rich. You’d never have to worry about this spilling in a suit case or baby bag if you had to grab and go (trust, these things can happen).

Again, really like this. Just with any line of skincare products the lotion is the final layer and really does seal in the moisture (and that delicious smell!). We use about a dime to quarter size for her body and face after her bath. I love how soft my own hands feel after applying it. This is where we were on the Lotion (and the Shampoo/Body wash) after 2 solid weeks of use…

Lovin’ this line of skin care products for children. Totally softens and moisturizes the skin. The first thing I noticed was BBH does not look like she’s been “kickin’ flour” all day at the end of the day, LOL! Yes, no ashy legs, WHEW! And I just really like the pleasant smell of it all. Very faint but lovely. I’m sniffing my hands right now. YUMMY. Daddy BBH said it’s like a “gentle baby powder” smell. See…if it were not so, I would have told you! AND, I like that she thinks the little girl on the bottle looks like her (supadupacute!). Regarding price, it is comparable to the other all natural skin care lines we’ve used.

**Crickets**  Don’t really have any folks. It really is good stuff!

Me likey ALOT!  Stay tuned for our review on the CARA B haircare line, EEK!  ‘Till then…

Go’Head Baby!

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