Twist Remix: Curly Twists with Flat Rope Headband

So the wavy twists from my last remix post left me yearning for curly twists.  I decided to break out the Poor Man’s Strawlers (pipecleaners) and give it a whirl.  After many trials of using pipe cleaners I finally figured out a technique that works for us during our Last Dance With Braids post.  Just as in that post, I braided BBH’s twists in small to medium sections, wrapping each completed braid on a pipecleaner, and covered her hair overnight.  Feeling inspired by  Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care’s All Around Rope Twists we recently spotlighted as a Hairspiration, I decided to try rope twists as a headband.  I pulled up CHVC’s Flat Rope Twist Tutorial and gave it a whirl… 

Closer look at the headband..

I’m very pleased with how the flat rope twists came out on my first try, although I realized when it was too late that the larger back flat twist  should have been rolled towards the front to display the detail better.  You live and you learn…
I am so in swoon with the results of this combo style!!

And the curls, EEEK!!

I just LOVE this!!!!  Officially my fav “revive” twist style.  Bedda get thee to your craft store or Wally World and get you some Poor Man’s Strawllers (pipe cleaners)!!  Don’t sleep…

Go ‘Head Baby, Be Curly!

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