**Warning, upon review you may get served** LOL!  Jus’playin, I’m jus’playin… Now I’ve seen some creative stuff making its way ’round the natural hair blogosphere, but nothing quite as festively creative as these spooky spider styles from Keyative Styles and Mainly Braids. These mommies are about the bee’s knees, OK?!? Check it:

Keyative Styles “Cornrowed Spiderweb” Design

What is this!?! Really. REALLY??  I mean, how do you even think of this to begin with? The legs, the knot for the body. REALLY?  Get off my blog, LOL!!…  Seriously, this is AMAZING. Trust, folk were “all a twitter” when Keyative posted this RIDONKULOUS style. Take a look at fellow blogger Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care’s “Black Widow” rendition. She has an awesome tutorial as well. As for me?  Not EVEN tryna go there, smh…

Mainly Braids “Halloween Spider Web” Design

Now this will make you feel obligated to put your weight on some cookies or something to compete with that creative mommy that KEEPS COMING UP WITH STUFF!! Ssssssstop!! This style is FABROCIOUS!! Golly. This is yet another thinker style, but its that SUPACUTE webbing detail and spider decor that takes me outta here!! You must check out the Lil’pumkin style she posted last week (scroll all the way down for ribbon detail). Just sic. HHhhhh.

Don’t know about you but I never wanted a spider in my hair so stankin’ BAD!!  Oweee! GET IT MOMMIES!! Keyative Styles and Mainly Braids

Go’Head Baby!!

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