Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Peachez and her beautiful little girl Briana Doll.  What a doll she is!!  Now that is some hair on a child am I right?  Well we had the pleasure of “chatting down” with Mommy to ge the mots on the up keep of that purdy ‘do.  Let’s jump right on in shall we?

BBH: What is your hair washing routine? 
I wash Briana’s hair 2 times a week (its very thick long hair). I shampoo and condition the hair from root to ends. I massage her roots for about 5 minutes during each wash. When shampooing & conditioning her hair, I rinse it out twice then I repeat the wash and massage step . I rinse out all products in “cold water” [BBH:  Mommy’s pretty thorough folks; she ain’t playin!!].

BBH: What do you find are the challenges for styling Briana’s hair and how do you over come them?
Biggest challenge is Briana’s hair only works well with lotion type products. Briana has silky  (when wet) yet very thick hair (when dry). If I style her hair straight it will last maybe 3 hours until it’s back to poof again! I over come that by not straightening it often (we Love briana’s BIG hair), and try to teach her that it doesn’t have to be super straight to be beautiful. Also, when I braid her hair, some of her hair strands pop out (static) and look as if the braids were done days ago. I over come that by applying more hair products before I braid each row. Briana’s hair molds together to the smallest touch very easy when products are applied. When her hair is dry her hair is harder to manage,but when wet it is curly and for some reason better to comb threw or style [BBH:  Us too!!  US TOO!!]. So my job is to keep it moisturized by using our Organic Olive Oil products at all times.  [BBH:  mmmHHHmmm…]
BBH: How do you entertain Briana Doll when styling her hair?
Me and Briana bond and have a nice conversation during hair time, on days the style may take some time, Briana cradles her ipod.  Briana is beyond used to getting her hair washed and styled so with each appointment with mom, it gets easier by the day. Briana some times help reorganize the hair bow box,or hand me things I may need to complete the style (she’s my little helper). She loves to see the out come of each style and looks forward to each day to get it done. So just getting her hair done brings excitement and entertainment to briana’s little heart.  [BBH:  Well I can just hug a BBH!!  That is so sweet!!]
BBH: What are your fav products these days? [BBH: Lawd help me w/this LIST!!]
BBH: How does Briana Doll feel about her hair? 
Briana is ecstatic about how silky the texture is. When her hair is wet she loves her curls.  She also loves how long it has gotten and appreciates mommy for taking good care of it. [BBH: *Queue music* Sadie…. don’t you know we love ya Sweet Sadie….. Place no one above ya. Sweet Sadie (Well, well, well)!!]  Briana says she never wants to cut it. She enjoys wearing her hair down and naturally BIG and Fluffy. She is always ready and willing to get her hair styled, washed and complemented on:) Proud of her natural beauty! [BBH:  Yes Lawd!!  Say it Loud… BIG HAIR and I’M PROUD!!!]
BBH: Tips for wearing BIG HAIR or fav “quick” styles. 

Side pony puff ball [BBH: yeah], Mohawk [BBH: com’on now], two pony tails braids [BBH: say it!], and all natural hair fro [BBH: GLOREHHH!  Yes Hon!!  Will there be 1?  Will anyone come?!?…]
Whew!  Thanks for participating Mommy Peachez and Brianna Doll, you dollface you!!  Oweee that baby has som HAIR! Good job Mommy and bless your fingaz!!  I’m so lovin how Briana Doll is appreciative of the time, effort and love her Mommy gives her and her hair.  All kinda warm fuzzies up in this joint!  Awahhh…
Go”Head Baby!!
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