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The goal of ALL THINGS CURLY understands that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. Founded on Christian principles, ALL THINGS CURLY seeks to promote acceptance of ones beautiful God-given curls. We seek to promote products that work with one’s texture and not against it.”

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Beautiful Curls is based on the belief that beauty comes in all forms – and Beautiful hair is no different. Beautiful Curls are loose waves, big curls, medium spirals, tight springy coils and all things in between. Beautiful Curls are healthy curls. Just as diet and internal health are important for hair, so is external care. Our rich shea butter formulas moisturize and nurture for healthy, shiny and happy curls of all types.

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Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Kandy of Kandy Land Kurls and her lil’purdy purdy, “N”. Now trust, N’s curls are “inseparable” (thats what they are to me-e-ee)! This is one supacute cutie!! Golly. We had the opportunity to chat down with Mommy Kandy and get the beans on N and all that purdy hair. Lets get to it, shall we?!?

BBH: What is your hair washing routine?
I wash N’s hair once a week. I use sulfate free shampoos, and deep condition at every wash. I also give N hot oil treatments, and protein treatment once a month. [BBH: MMhmm, yes..yes)

BBH: What do you find are the challenges for styling N’s hair and how do you over come them?
The challenges I have is shrinkage, her hair is lower back length, but with her shrinkage it appears shoulder length. I don’t mind it appearing shorter, but it when it shrinks, it tangles!! Plus she has two different curl types. So her hair looks uneven, the middle is tighter curled and the back has a looser curl pattern. I overcome by stretching/banding her hair, this helps reduce shrinking (thanks BBB.) [BBH: By BBB she means Beads, Braids and Beyond. Check out her “Banding” post here]

BBH: How do you entertain N when styling her hair?
She has always been a pretty patience child, even as a baby, she just sits still. [BBH: o_O?!?!] But when I am doing styles that will take longer than a hour, I pop in her favorite DVD, or let her play her video game, and she is good to go, lol. [BBH: Noice…..we’re gonna have to put her in the BBH protection program so those frustrated mommies wont STEAL her!!]

BBH: What are your fav products these days?
Bee Mine & Darcy Botanicals!! [BBH: Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!!! Already on my PJ list to try!!]

BBH: How does N feel about her hair??
Well, she now loves her hair. But she wasn’t always like this. Before I created my blog, she did not like her hair out and poofy. She wanted the straight, flat ironed, relaxed type of hair, like her friend. She even pulled out 2-3 dime sized pieces of her hair out, after begging me to put her hair in a style. I refused, because I wanted her hair to have a break and be out. That’s what motivated me to start a blog and document her hair journey. Since I have started her hair journey, she has seen so many natural kids like her, and fros and now she LOVES her hair! She even asks to have her hair out for school lol. [BBH: Yes’suh!! It once was lost (yey!), but now that BBH love is found (hey!), Ya’see (huh!).. N wears her hair <<in>>(whoa!), but sometimes (yey!), Someti-i-imes (com’on naw!), she wears it >>OOUUUUUUT!!<< Yessssssss! Let the BBH's say AMEN!! *does a dance*]

Tips or fav “quick” styles and/or rockin’out BIG HAIR?
My tip would be to make sure you show your child images of people who look and are similar to them. I didn’t realize at the time how important it is. Until I saw my child wanting to be like someone else. Our favorite quick style is pigtails, can’t go wrong with that lol. [BBH: So true Mommy, A++++!! Loves it!!]

What is the inspiration behind Kandy Land Kurls?
My inspiration is N and helping to build her self esteem. I believe that by me sharing her journey, it will help others who feel, or felt, the same as her. I am also inspired by other Hair bloggers, and my followers, who help boost our confidence, and encourage us to keep going. [BBH: Again, well said Mommy! I just heart mommy/daughter bonding:)]

Thank you Mommy Kandy and little N for participating!! Golly. Isn’t N just a little ray of sunshine?!?!? Love how Mommy got in there and snatched that “stinkin’ thinkin'” right out that baby’s head and put in all kind of love, encouragement and built up that confidence. Get it Mommy!! Please believe we are HUGE fans of Kandy Land Kurls so be sure to check out the blog and like the Kandy Land Kurls FB Page for kids natural hair styling, tips, giveaways and more!! Tell her we sent you!! Oweee!!

Go’Head Baby!

Hair you dooooin?!?! Well, as you may know we recently reviewed CARA B Naturally skin and hair care products (skin review here and hair review here). BBH rocked her twisted ponies for bit (longer than I intended; life happens) and I decided we should rock the BIG HAIR for a bit. Plus I wanted to prep her BIG HAIR with some moisture. So I gets to unravelin’ and lookey here:

Twist out in the back area where here hair is just a tad thicker:

Not as much definition, but a good twist out. The potential was twist out style was looking so fab I honestly debated to put the ponies back in and do a full twist out in the am, but opted move forward to prep with a fuller twist out and add more moisture for the weekend. So I combined water, the CARA B Leave In/Daily Moisturizer and a few drops of oil in my spray bottle and lightly spritzed her hair to gentle detangle and remoisturize. What I got was a extremely soft hair…

Oweee! Her hair was taking me back to the dayz of Stay Soft Fro. Remember that? My daddy swore by that stuff (RIP Grandaddy BBH xoxo). Again, I can’t describe it but the product line is just really light on the hair. After detangling and spritzed a bit more of the Hair Mist and began to do medium size twists in her hair. I then braided the twists in large chunky monkey braids. At times when I prep for a twist out, I like to coil the ends around my index finger and bend them under and secure with a rubber band. Kind of gives you the same effect of curling your ends (not quite as perfect), but without all the rods n’stuff to worry about. BBH was off to bed in her cap.

Here are our results. Apologies these aren’t as clear as they were taken with my cell…



This child is STUNNING! Oweee her hair?!?! Love her!! You may remember Yara Shahidi the most from her role opposite of Eddie Murphy as his daughter “Olivia Daniels” in the Nickelodeon movie “Imagine That.” At least that’s when I first noticed her. Trust, I’ve kept “one eye” on this lil’ purdy purdy (okay so she’s not so little anymore; she’s 11 now) and that gorgeous BIG HAIR ever since! Oh my starz!! Do you NOT see that HAIR?  Glorehh!! “Anybody that know me” knows I love me some twists. Her twists are just… FLUID!!! She looks like a little natural angel with all the poise and confidence a BBH should.

Not only can you find this Baby Big Hair on the big screen, but you may recall seeing her on numerous advertisements over the years like Guess, Children’s Place and Disney. That’s right folks, she’s been representing the BBH lifestyle for a hot minute.  Keep an eye out for her next movie project “Butter” where she stars with Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Garner and Alicia Silverstone.  Ms. Yara Shahidi….

Go’Head Baby

Image Source: Guess advertisement photo (www.youngblackstarz.org)

Bonjour!  Coming to you again with another great hairshare.   With costume time coming around the corner, a few bloggers and myself are posting pics of  costumes of the past.  Well, last year BBH was a Supashero!!  She had sooooo much fun with this costume.  She occasionally puts it on to play around the house; you should hear her sound effects as she swooshes around the house to save the day:)    Of course every superheroe has that distinguishing characteristic and for BBH, it was her BIG HAIR.  I simply sectioned off her hair into 4 sections and gathered them into ponies at the center of her head.  The results?  A SUPACUTE Fauxhawk for a SUPASHERO!!

The year prior, we recently moved and I really had no time or energy to look for or buy costumes. So like any mommy, I worked with what we had.  Peep B-Girl BBH!  Rockin’ her phat gold chain.  The entire hook up is a remix of clothes she already had and the chunky chain was Mommy’s.  Jeah Boyeeeeeee Hollahhhh!

Cuz It’s Hard Out Here for a Kid!!

LOL!!  Honestly, I think this is my all time FAV costume!!!  Of course you can see BBH’s twists peeking out her cap:) To see other great costumes and hair fun please be sure to check out these other supacute holiday posts from participating bloggers:

Go’Head Baby !


Ok, for those of you who are aware of our recent CARA B Naturally (CARA B) skincare review, then you know we are very excited to try the hair product line.  Cuz “anybody that know me” knows I love me some hairproducts.. OK?!?  Well, we had some amazing results on BBH’s skin with CARA B skincare line (heck I’m using it myself now, LOL!), and are really pleased with the company as a whole with regard to its mission and natural product certification, naturally:)   Here’s a quick recap from our CARA B  skincare review:


First and foremost, CARA B products (except for 1) are “Certified Natural skin and hair care for ethnically diverse babies and children.” By certified they mean the Natural Products Association (www.npainfo.org). Those folks set the standard. CARA B products are free of parabens, petrolatum, sulfates, and other chemicals and have no artificial colors or fragrances. A BIG plus for sensitive skin BBH’s out there.

CARA B believes “our children’s skin and hair is naturally beautiful and should be treated as such“ and their slogan is “Children Are Always Beautiful, Naturally“, thus the acronym “CARA B” in CARA B Naturally (supacute!). They also have initiatives such as Giving Back, Naturally, a program dedicated to “partnering in the health and well-being of babies and children in our local communities.”  Well, let’s dig in shall we?

Review Time

Once again, gotta give the cutie patootie packaging its due.   Pretty stankin’ cute.  I LOVE the extra touch. I’m so BIG on packaging!!!  Golly.

(Although products were provided to Baby Big Hair for this review, I was not compensated to provide my personal opinion on CARA B products.)

To prep for hairwashing, I pre-pooed BBH’s hair as usual, but with the CARA B Leave-In Conditioner / Daily Moisturizer mixed with a little olive oil.  Sectioned the hair off and called it the evening.

CARA B Shampoo/Body Wash  (see ingredients list here, also see review as a Bodywash here)

  • Price: $11.00 for 8 fl. oz. bottle. This is consistent with other natural organic hair care products, BUT this product is certified natural which is a huge plus.
  • Smell: Very, very light, soft and fresh smelling. A baby powder meets vanilla or sugary sweet smell.
  • Consistency:  Not super light, but far from thick. Almost transparent.  Like vanilla extract w/a light corn syrup consistency.

Similar to using as a Bodywash, the lather as a shampoo is really good.   Cleanses really well.  Took only a few washings to remove product from hair. I like the product due to its lightness and cleaning performance.  And of course, I love the smell!

CARA B Leave-In Conditioner / Daily Moisturizer (See ingredients list here)

  • Price: $13.00 for 8 fl oz.  This is a $1 more than our current staple Leave-In Conditioner, but CARA B’s doubles as a daily moisturizer, so technically your getting 2 products for 1 (Genius!).
  • Smell: Same as the Shampoo/Body Wash – very, very light, soft and fresh smelling. Again, baby powder and a vanilla or sugary sweet smell.
  • Consistency: Its rich and creamy, kind of like the CARA B Body Lotion but not quite as thick.  Its not runny all.  I would say its comparable to a styling milk, but on the thicker side.  Best I can describe it.

I applied the  the product to each section, working my fingers through.  Now BBH has a TON of hair and slippage is key for us for easy detangling.  This product, though moisturizing,  did not have enough slip.  I compensated for this by applying more product, but  never got the slip I wanted.  But I was successfully able to work the product through all the sections with a wide tooth comb …

CARA B Moisturizing Hair Mist  (See ingredients list here)

  • Price: $10.00 for 8 fl oz. For what it did for BBH’s hair (below).  Well worth it.
  • Smell: Same as the Shampoo/Body Wash – very, very light, soft and fresh smelling. Again, baby powder and a vanilla or sugary sweet smell.
  • Consistency: Water based of course.  Reminds me of coconut water…
AHA!  Now that’s what I’m talking about.  This product gave me the slip I was looking for, not crazy slippage, but definately slippage.  I would say its comparable to my spray bottle mixture of water and leave’in conditioner (sans oil).  I’m thinking I should have sprayed her hair  with this 1st prior to applying the leave’in just for the added slippage for easier and quicker detangling. Alright now, we’re back in business baby!  I whipped out our modified Denmen brush to evenly distribute the products.  Oweee! Look at this lightweight definition!  Well HELLO CURLS! Totally didn’t expect that…


I then began to style her hair.  I opted not to do small twists this go’round and did simple twist ponies.  Her hair felt incredibly soft, like baby hair soft.  As I worked through her hair to style, I spritzed more of the Hair Mist to keep it wet and detangled.  Here are our results..
In Summary

This line of products is really light, not greasy, and left her hair incredibly soft. Like the skincare products, I am LOVIN’ the smell. Among the above three products I would have to say the Hair Mist is my favorite. Very good for detangling and styling  Her hair just hearts it and we could’ve used more of it. It’s really light has great shine and dries with just a tad of hold. I also love how the most commonly used products serve as dual functions (i.e. Shampoo/Bodywash and Leave-In Conditioner/Daily Moisturizer).  Ya’ll Product Junkies out there know exactly what I mean…

The Leave-In Conditioner did not have the slippage I like especially for the thicker portions of BBH’s hair.  I did notice that the finer portions of her hair detangled with ease.  Again,  in retrospect I would have sprayed her hair with the Hair Mist first to lay the ground work for the Leave-In.  That would have cut back on detangling time significantly.  I’m really anxious to try the Leave-In as a Daily Moisturizer on her dry hair.  I’ve been looking for a good “hair milk” for ages and it’s what had me curious about CARA B all this time.    Regarding the Hair Mist, I’d prefer it to be sold by the GALLON with a HOSE attached to it, LOL!!! Just ‘playin…  I’m jus’playin..  But trust,  I was doing massive “finger crunches” with that bottle to coat alllllll that BIG HAIR!  So, a nozzle that lets you alternate from “sprtiz”, “spray” and/or “stream” would be optimal.

All in all, good stuff folks. Think imma play around with this line a bit to find the “perfect combination”  for ultimate moisture and hold (*queue music* Perfect Combinationnnnnn, Hair plus CARA B! a Perfect Combination, we couldn’t ask for any betterrrrr!) LOL! I kill myself ~Let me stop typing…

Go’Head Baby!

**PS –  Check out another CARA B review from fellow blogger, Curly Hairdo Ideas, here.
*** PSS – CARA B is has gone BOGO!!  For a limited time, Buy 1 get 1 free + free shipping on orders over $25!!  If it were not so, I would have told you!! Get details at www.mycarab.com. Be Curly!

She is SUPACUTE. I’m talking about lil’Lili of My Big Big Friend. With BIG HAIR showcased in two glorious powerpuffs, this little girl has it goin’ ON! Lili is supasmart, fun and has a BIG imagination like her friends Yuri and Matt. She and her friends each have a BIG imaginary friend. There is Golias (blue elephant), Bongo (green kangaroo), and Nessa (pink giraffe). You already know who Lili’s hangin’ with. What little girl doesn’t like PINK or giraffes?!?!?  

(photos from Treehouse

Golly its the cutest show EVER, with all kind of BIG HAIR tendencies,  just look at those boys!!! The lessons are always about sharing, having fun with friends and using your BIG imagination. Also, the diversity of the show is a BIG plus for us. Here is how the show’s producer, Breakthrough Entertainmentdescribes the series:

“The imaginations of children are truly incredible. In their imaginations, kids can go anywhere, be anyone and do anything. And sometimes their imaginations can even create new playmates; which is exactly what happened to three young friends; Yuri, Lili and Matt.

My Big Big Friend is an engaging animated series for kids 3-5 where BIG problems shrink down to size with the help of a big, big friend”

You can also learn more about the show here and check out the series via Netflix or Treehouse (depending on your location). AND Don’t forget to “like” the My Big Big Friend FB Page and give a shout out to Lili!! She’s our BIG HAIR friend:)

Go’Head Baby!