So we had a birthday this month!!!  YEY!  Our little girl is no longer a toddler.  We did it BIG last year with her Yo Gabba Gabba birthday party (retroactive post coming forthwith – I think I was on something, LOL!), but this year we scaled it down a bit and just did cupcakes at her school with a BIG twist.  I had many themes floating around in my head but ultimately came up with “Tutus and Ties.”  I remember coming across this theme when planning her party last year.  Before I knew it, I was down to the wire and it just became the logical decision.  Plus, I was DYING to make BBH a big’ol tutu halter dress for her birthday.  MMhhmmmm.  Well, we rolled up in that joint ready to kick it, cuz A Party Aint a Party ‘Till It’s Ran on Thru. WHAT?!?!  The guys and gals were given proper attire for the main event with tutus, ties and more in their goody bags!  So let’s get to it shall we?


  • Materials for invitations and cupcake toppers – Michaels and Jo-Anns fabrics
  • Favor bags- Michael’s
  • Small tulle skirts for favor bags – Dollar Store (from Halloween)
  • Mini tiara’s, wands and  moustaches for favor bags – Party City and Hobby Lobby
  • Popsicle sticks for moustaches – lawd knows, I awhlwayz have popsicle sticks (and a bag of ribbons), LOL!
  • Tulle and polka dot fabrics – Jo-Ann Fabrics
  • Assorted gems – Michael’s, DONT SLEEP ON $1 GEM PACKETS!!
  • Crown – Jo-Anns fabrics, $1!! and embellished with love

Invitations, Favor Bags/Crafts, Cupcake Toppers, and Birthday Hook Up by Mommy BBH
Birthday Photo Shoot  by Daddy BBH


…And now for the Birthday Girl….EEEEEEEEEK!

Go’Head Baby!  Be Happy:)

 **BIG UPS to Daddy BBH for a fabrocious B-DAY Photo Shoot.  I love my family :”’)**

What’s up everybody? I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday! We certainly did, but let me get straight to my point…

I have a confession. Sometimes I dress BBH. Well most times I’m putting clothes on her that moms picked out. Every once in a while I’ll pick some stuff out for her to wear but it usually ends in her mother reworking my color scheme (or lack there of).

Well one of the greatest challenges is getting BBH’s big hair through the normal-sized “head hole” in her shirts. This can be tough! I mean there have been times that I’ve downright considered putting the shirt on her like it was a skirt. Sometimes I just have to parcel out pieces of big hair through the opening one slab at a time. It’s quite comical, but eventually it works. I guess it is a problem that really isn’t a problem… it’s just quite comical. Take a look at my shameful attempts.


Do you have any silly/interesting BBH dressing stories? Ever get a shirt or hat stuck? Chime in.

This beat was created by BBH (and Daddy) on Thanksgiving for your listening pleasures. Feel free to download the song and come up with a fancy dance. Upload it to youtube and send it to us! We’d love to feature your dance on the site.

Hello Grandmom (How You Doing?) (to download, right click and save)

MmmMMMMM! Happy Thanksgiving BBH family! Hoping your day conintues to be filled with warmth and love. We are thankful for God’s grace, faithfulness, health, life and strength. Thankful for family and friends. Our beautiful daughter who inspires and keeps our home and hearts filled with joy. And YOU for sharing your babies with us and your time. We are honored to be in your feed and a part of your lives in such a way. Thank you so much for all your support. We are working on some things for 2012. Hold tight! God bless you and yours, fro’sho!! HUG A BBH!

Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Jennifer and her stunning daughter who I’m calling “Baby Girl”. SERIOUSLY!?! Like…for real? I first came across this little angel via a FB Post by GoldiLocks*n*Me (our very 1st Blastee, heart you!!) regarding a giveaway. Baby Girl was modeling accessories something fierce in the post pic. I was overswooned by all that glorious BIG HAIR! Not to mention that sweet DOLLFACE, golly!!! She’s golden! I was fortunate to “chat down with Mommy Jennifer, and well….I’m getting right to it!!
BBH: What is your hair washing routine?
We wash it once a week and change up her shampoo/conditioners! I have tried cheap and expensive and I haven’t found one better or worse for us! I always leave the conditioner in whether it says leave in or not! [BBH: Hhhmmm, so we have some product junkie tendencies going on. It’s okay Mommy, all good, happens to the best of us. I am here for you. You know… in case you need someone to “hold” some products… LOL!]
BBH: What do you find are the challenges for styling Baby Girl’s hair and how do you over come them?
Biggest issue for us is tangles but I have found almond oil and water to be my best friend! [BBH: o_O Almond Oil and water?? That’s it?!?! You don’t say…]

BBH: How do you entertain Baby Girl when styling her hair?
I hate to say it but TV or my iphone! =))) [BBH: Uhm, straight up electronic diversion tactics up in this joint, TRUST!]
BBH: What are your fav products these days?
Almond oil! [BBH: Dawg! You’re taking it back to basics aren’t you?!?! *hops in car speeds off to store, rummages thru aisles for almond oil, cuts in line to purchase, heads back in car cradling almond oil, dashes to chair and computer to finish Blast*]

BBH: How does Baby Girl feel about her hair??
LOVES it! Always points out I would be much prettier if I had curly hair like her too! Which makes my giggle! [BBH: SUPACUTE. Wouldn’t the world be prettier if we all had BIG HAIR?!?! *Clears throat* What the world…needs now….is hair, BIG HAIR! Oh yeah (complete with Mariah Carey finger…)]
BBH: Tips for wearing BIG HAIR or fav “quick” styles.
Almond oil and water to makes the hair BIG with curls! [BBH: *Opens product cabinet door (yes I have a designated cabinet) and shakes head in shame…*]

[BBH: Ok Mommy, SERIOUSLY?!?! The pointed toe?? COME ON!]

BBH: Last but not least, anything you would like to share about haircare in general or experiences?
I am THANKFUL for my neighbors The Carter Family that are always helping me out with new products and doing braids etc., in her hair! She LOVES anything they do to her hair! [BBH: YESS! Carter Family, *queues music* On behalf of that golden girl, we at BBH just wanna say “Thank you for being her fri-e-end“!]
Thank you Mommy Jennifer and Baby Girl for participating! Mm-mm-MMM! That gorgeous baby has some serious BIG HAIR!! Golly, nothing but a basket of YUMMIES, good lawd!! Hhhhhhh. OK BBH fam, now its time to go >IN< on these pictures, ok?! What in da’world?!?! Mommy has some serious skillz, no? And those cutie patootie outfits?!?!?! Yeah, get thee to the Forty Toes Photography Blog to see more insanely cute photos of Baby Girl (it’s just not right!). AND, be sure to check out every last stankin’ “Featured Designer” on the right hand side. Trust, ridonkulousness on a whole’notha level. I mean, it really doesn’t get better than BIG HAIR and phatty gear for dayz!! HHHhhhh. I can’t take it. Out.
Go Head Baby!

OWEEE! Its Nate’s Big Hair for me!!! I love this lil’BIG HAIR istorytime book from FrogDogMedia LLC., written by Duke Christoffersen. BBH likes to swipe those beautiful and bright pages on the screen with her finger during hair washing time. Its a fun read about a boy with BIG HAIR who likes to hide things from his Mommy, guess where? Yup in his BIG HAIR!! Don’t sleep! Trust, there is a healthy message about teamwork and nutrition in there!

You can download this cutie patootie book from the iTunes Store here for $.99. Yes!!! Not bad to have on your iphone or ipad as an “any means necessary” diversion tactic for your BBH when you MUST try on those shoes or during slow service at a restaurant. Heck, HAVE AN ACTUAL CONVERSATION AT A RESTAURANT!! It’s also a recommended application for children with special needs. You can find a soft cover copy at your local book store for about $9.95. Makes a great cuddle up night-night story too. Just another fun identifiable way to help your BBH heart on his/her BIG HAIR. MMhmmm. If it were not so, I would have told you!! Eeeeeek! Nate’s BIG HAIR…

Go’Head Baby!

You may recall back in September we had one  heck of an evening with YouTube sensation Journey to My Roots (J2MR) for our “Ask a BIG HAIR Question” FaceBook segment.  J2MR was there answering all your questions in real time. Well all that BIG HAIR info is now available to you via our BBH Hair Care Tips page, along with other valuable info.  What’cha want?  Watcha need??   Click on “Ask A Big Hair Question” document link  for  great tips on hairtsyling, types, trimming, shedding, moisture and more!  We heart J2MR!!  Like her FB Page and tell her we sent you (trust)!!  BBH Parents, enjoy this Q & A made by you and for you.  MMhhmm,  Fro’sho!  Many thanks again to all who participated.  We had a blast!!

Go’Head Baby!!