OH YEAH!!! Celebrating our 5k FB Fans/Followers mark with fabulous giveaways.  This here giveaway is no different.  We’re partnering with NoireNaturals (NN) for a frotastic giveaway  featuring 1 Femme-Fatale 8oz full set ($33.00 value) which includes: Oh Là Là Hair Cleansing ElixirC’est Magnifique Rinse-or-Remain ConditionerJ’adore Curl-Defining Jelly.  OO Là Là indeed my friends.   A little something about  NoireNaturals and its founder Ashleigh Thornton (from the NN website):

This line was designed to cater to the unique needs of ethnic and multiracial hair, in order to help ease the anxiety and challenges that come along with maintaining it.
NoireNaturals™ is an up-and-coming line of ALL NATURAL hair products, created specifically for the many variations of ethnic hair.We reviewed all the above products a few weeks ago when taking down BBH”s mini-twists (btw, we took down BBH’s mini-twists, LOL!) and what I will say is THAT THERE shampoo Elixir ?!?!? WHOOOOWEEEE!  Slip is crazah like!!!  IJS!!! Review to come in the near future.  But here’s a sneak peak:

Sqeakeh CLEAN lawd!!!  EEEk!  Want some?? Just enter the Rafflecopter form below (please see Terms and Conditions and “Mandatory” entries). One winner will be randomly selected. LEZGO! This giveaway ends Sunday, November 11 at 12:01amEST.

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