OWEEE! Its Nate’s Big Hair for me!!! I love this lil’BIG HAIR istorytime book from FrogDogMedia LLC., written by Duke Christoffersen. BBH likes to swipe those beautiful and bright pages on the screen with her finger during hair washing time. Its a fun read about a boy with BIG HAIR who likes to hide things from his Mommy, guess where? Yup in his BIG HAIR!! Don’t sleep! Trust, there is a healthy message about teamwork and nutrition in there!

You can download this cutie patootie book from the iTunes Store here for $.99. Yes!!! Not bad to have on your iphone or ipad as an “any means necessary” diversion tactic for your BBH when you MUST try on those shoes or during slow service at a restaurant. Heck, HAVE AN ACTUAL CONVERSATION AT A RESTAURANT!! It’s also a recommended application for children with special needs. You can find a soft cover copy at your local book store for about $9.95. Makes a great cuddle up night-night story too. Just another fun identifiable way to help your BBH heart on his/her BIG HAIR. MMhmmm. If it were not so, I would have told you!! Eeeeeek! Nate’s BIG HAIR…

Go’Head Baby!

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