Dressing BBH

What’s up everybody? I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday! We certainly did, but let me get straight to my point…

I have a confession. Sometimes I dress BBH. Well most times I’m putting clothes on her that moms picked out. Every once in a while I’ll pick some stuff out for her to wear but it usually ends in her mother reworking my color scheme (or lack there of).

Well one of the greatest challenges is getting BBH’s big hair through the normal-sized “head hole” in her shirts. This can be tough! I mean there have been times that I’ve downright considered putting the shirt on her like it was a skirt. Sometimes I just have to parcel out pieces of big hair through the opening one slab at a time. It’s quite comical, but eventually it works. I guess it is a problem that really isn’t a problem… it’s just quite comical. Take a look at my shameful attempts.


Do you have any silly/interesting BBH dressing stories? Ever get a shirt or hat stuck? Chime in.

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11 replies on “Dressing BBH

  • Charlotte

    LMBOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! HAHAHA! Oh my gosh!! I <3 this post!!! That's fantastic… And trust me… I know aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall about this!! HAHA!! My hubby does the same thing w/Choca!! 🙂

    Great, Awesome, & Magnificent post!!


  • Nikki C

    We have issues, not with the big hair per se, but with the beads, barrettes or ballies! They’re always getting caught up in a sleeve, or under the ear while I’m trying to pull my daughter’s shirt on…now I pull all that stuff through the head of the shirt first and then get her head through lol. I love this post…so true in every single way!

  • Tahirah

    Now that…was FUNNY! I know the struggle my brother. Not on your BBH level but definitely understand. We’ve stretched out plenty a shirt at our household :)!

    Love this!

  • chloe

    Gretchen! Hey lady. well the twists were initially styled w/beautiful curls for about 2 weeks. braiding her twist to her scalp the night before with a little Tiny Twirls Styler (Kinky Curly). I then did a twist out, unraveling with a little Beautiful curls’s coconut and shea butter oil. VERY delightful like:)

  • Dhakirah

    How did you do her hair like this? Is it a wash and go? What is her hair type? Sorry,for all of the questions,lol! She is so cute 🙂

  • chloe

    Awhh, thanks Dhakirah! This is a 2-3 day yr old detangled twist out. I believe I achieved this look with CARA B Naturally’s Hair Mist and Daily Moisturizer, mixed with a bit of Kinky Curly’s Tiny Twirls Styler (gel type product). I work from the tips back to the roots in small sections detangling with my fingers. I applied the mist first to dampen her hair and the moisturizer and gel after. Thanks so much for reading!!

  • Chloe

    Sorry Gretchen, My response was regarding her birthday shoot pics. See my response to Dhakirah re: pics for this post.

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