What’s up everybody? I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday! We certainly did, but let me get straight to my point…

I have a confession. Sometimes I dress BBH. Well most times I’m putting clothes on her that moms picked out. Every once in a while I’ll pick some stuff out for her to wear but it usually ends in her mother reworking my color scheme (or lack there of).

Well one of the greatest challenges is getting BBH’s big hair through the normal-sized “head hole” in her shirts. This can be tough! I mean there have been times that I’ve downright considered putting the shirt on her like it was a skirt. Sometimes I just have to parcel out pieces of big hair through the opening one slab at a time. It’s quite comical, but eventually it works. I guess it is a problem that really isn’t a problem… it’s just quite comical. Take a look at my shameful attempts.


Do you have any silly/interesting BBH dressing stories? Ever get a shirt or hat stuck? Chime in.

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