Seriously? DO NOT GET IT TWISTED!!! This is one baaaaad chick. I love her poise and I love her presence. She exudes confidence, and is quite the fashionista. Oweee that BIG HAIR right there is a perfect combination of curl definition and fullness. Indeed, very delightful like; #haircrush!! She was recently interviewed in Jet Magazine’s October 2011 issue.

In the article she states the following about her BIG HAIR: “I’m Diana Ross’s child…big hair is what I come from” On achieving BIG HAIR and the gorgeous curls: “You gotta respect the curls,” she says. “I work for them. I can’t tell them what to do.”

Yes M’am, say that!!! Per the interview Ms. Ross is considering a book and line of hair products for natural hair. Best believe we are ’bout it ’bout it lawd! Peep Ms. Ross and her BIG HAIR in the new sitcom Reed Between The Lines on BET every Tuesday at 10p/9p cst. Great show with professional role models and even more hairspirations.

Go’Head Baby!!


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This line was designed to cater to the unique needs of ethnic and multiracial hair, in order to help ease the anxiety and challenges that come along with maintaining it.
NoireNaturals™ is an up-and-coming line of ALL NATURAL hair products, created specifically for the many variations of ethnic hair.We reviewed all the above products a few weeks ago when taking down BBH”s mini-twists (btw, we took down BBH’s mini-twists, LOL!) and what I will say is THAT THERE shampoo Elixir ?!?!? WHOOOOWEEEE!  Slip is crazah like!!!  IJS!!! Review to come in the near future.  But here’s a sneak peak:

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I’m a stay at home wife and mom to a very active two year old. I have always enjoyed sewing, crafting and designing. Making dolls has been a great way to incorporate all three. It has been so much fun creating “little people”. Family and friends have encouraged me to create a blog to show my creations. So here it is! I hope you enjoy the blog and if you like what you see, I would love for you to subscribe.

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Go’Head Baby!

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Go’Head Baby!

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I am a wife and stay-at-home mom of two boys. My ‘green’ career began 5 years ago when my husband and I launched the first-ever recycling porter service in the DFW area for multi-family dwellings and businesses (DeBass Recycling). When I first started cloth diapering a year ago, I naturally pursued it for ‘green’ reasons. As I got into it though, I discovered other benefits to cloth diapering beyond the environmental aspect. For example, while cloth diapers are better for the environment, they are also better for your baby and your budget. ….

Determined to not only make our planet a greener place to live, but to help parents do what is best for their baby and their budget, I launched Pooters…..Pooters diapers are simple, trim, easy-to-use cloth diapers made only of quality organic bamboo and hemp materials to make them naturally antibacterial and wonderfully absorbent.

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The beginnings of this business started as an idea while Susan Lowry, owner, was camping/RVing.  She saw colorful twisted wind spinners on many RVs and thought, “Gee.  That sure would look cute in the hair.”  Of course she was right…..they do look pretty awesome in the hair.  And that was the start of Sidewinder Hairholders. 

Located in El Dorado Hills, California,  Sidewinder is dedicated to providing you with a unique, fun, colorful hairholder at an afforable price to use when you style girls’ hair.  Think of us as the hair beads and barrette alternative.

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Go’Head Baby!

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Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Tiffany and her sweet little angel Troi-Anisse.  Now this baby is a supacutie.  Golly I could smoosh her cheek to cheek all day!!! We had the opportunity to “chat” down with Mommy Tiffany to get the real deal on that ever so precious coif. Well, let’s get to it shall we?

BBH: What is your hair washing routine?
I wash Troi-Anisse’s -17months (pronounced Troy) hair every 2 weeks [BBH:  Owee that name!].  This works for us.  If I wash weekly, her hair seems to become very dry.  We use Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo and Conditioner.  I actually let the conditioner sit on her hair with a plastic cap for no less than an hour.  After this process, I apply the Shea Moisture Organic Curl & Style Hair Milk Coconut & Hibiscus and the Curl Enhancing Smoothie generously.  Her hair requires lots of product.  Next I seal with coconut oil.  Then comes our style of choice….puffs, 2 stranded twist, or the tried and true wash’n’go afro. [BBH:  Ding Ding Ding!!  You just said the magic word!!]

[BBH- Uhp! SSSTOP with this PHOTO!! Really?!?!, supacute!!]

BBH: What do you find are the challenges for styling Troi-Anisse’s hair and how do you over come them? 
She is very very tender headed and it is a very unpleasant experience for her and we are still trying to overcome that. I actually enjoy styling her hair but because she’s tender-headed, I am limited to what kinds of styles I can do. I try to make it so that it’s not torture for her. [BBH:  Awhhh I so sawry lil’Big Hair:(…]
BBH: How do you entertain Troi-Anisse when styling her hair? 
I don’t…nothing seems to work, so I’ve stop trying for a while.  I have tried snacks, tv, and toys.  However, one thing that does work is when her older sisters are home and they make up cheers and stand in front of her with the pom poms and cheer.  She gets a kick out of that, but that’s just not feasible since they attend public school. [BBH: hhhmm, BIG HAIR, tender-headed and not easy to entertain…hhhhh.  Not good (uhm, lightweight a disaster), but keep trying Mommy!! Whatever you’re able to do, its clearly working!!]
BBH: What are your fav products these days?
The whole line of Shea Moisture products for thick and curly hair, Coconut oil, every now and then—Eco Style gel (great for curl enhancing.)  I really try not to be a product junkie.  When I find something that works well with all of my girls’ hair, I stick with it. [BBH: OK, you M’am are a beacon of hope…for I NEEDS DA’PRODUCTS!!]
BBH:  How does Troi-Anisse feel about her hair??  
At this moment and stage, she probably feels like it is a curse because she is soooo tender-headed.  She would be a happy girl if I would just shave it off.  LOL  [BBH: smh… poor chile, bless her heart…cutie moo moos]
BBH: Tips for wearing BIG HAIR or fav “quick” styles. 
Our favorite quick style is definitely a huge afro. [BBH: YESSSS!]  It’s quick and chic…But if we have a stress free week, we will wear 2 stranded twist that are banded… However, after we wear an afro, I usually have to co wash in order to detangle.  2 cute afro puffs are also very cute adorned with girly bows of which I usually will make myself. [BBH:  Crafty Mom in the house, Holla lawd!] I have 3 girls and 1 more on the way so I have learned to be very resourceful when it comes to hair care, hair accessories, etc.  I think hair accessories are essential!  [BBH:  Awhhhhh  congrats Mommy:):)  and God bless yo fingaz w/allllllllll that hair up in that joint, whew!! Sing it with me:  And allll thiiiis froooo is waiting for you, my baby…my BIG HAIR!]
BBH:  Last but not least, anything you would like to share about hair care in general or experiences.
Don’t manipulate the hair too much or don’t try to “make” the child’s hair grow.  After having 2 older girls, I finally learned this for myself.  Find a great shampoo/conditioner, moisturizer, detangler (I make mine..conditioner, mixture of oils, & water), and a curl definer.  Then stick with it.  Really, just keep it simple and the number one thing that keeps them and their hair happy is love.   Remember to love your baby and their hair.  [BBH:  And the doors are now open! LOVE IT!!  Now give it up for this Mommy ya’ll!!]
Well said Mommy Tiffany.  Many thanks to you and Troi-Anisse for participating!!  Isn’t that baby a DREAM?!?!  Oweee that hair and those “Pretty Brown Eyes” (you know, I see them).  mm-MMHH! that BABY!!  I could just hug a BBH for real!
Go’Head Baby!

As a piggy back to last week’s Follow Up Product Review (featuring CARA B Naturally), I wanted to show you another fun style we created.  This one was inspired by Precious Curls Breast Cancer Awareness Style posted last month.  Quite simple actually.  Take 2 front side ponies up and away, criss cross applesauce, loopty loop around a high ponytail and secure with an ouchless band. Separate the high ponytail into a few medium to large twists and intertwine those together and secure with an ouchless band or pins.  Viola! Go’head and let that ‘do do what it do,while you do what you gotta do!! Jeah! This was a quick restyle for chuch (yes, I said “chuch” not “church”, lol!).  BTW, we used CARA B’s Hair Mist and Daily Moisturizer (which also doubles as a Leave-In Conditioner) for this restyle (related BBH reviews here and here.

Has anyone else noticed that she likes to hold up 1 finger as if she’s making a point?  What is THAT?!? LOL!

Enters cute outfit…..annoyed face:(

‘Til next time…

Go’Head Baby!


Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday with their BBH’s! We had a great weekend. Saturday we hung out with friends at the Harvest Festival and ended with a little fun at the mall. Sunday we were a bit ‘sick and shut in’ and yesterday we hit up a few houses in our good friend’s neighborhood (shout out to Uncle Calvin!). BBH was quite the Queen Bee and naturally commanded everyone’s attention. Her costume was an Old Navy find, $15 (1/2 off original price) for the dress, antennae and wand…


But ohhhhh we didn’t stop there, mm-mmhh! I decided a crown would be more fitting for BBH and built one into the antennae headband using a couple pieces of sparkly foam sheets, felt and $1 gems from Michaels. Lets take a closer look shall we?


I also added gems to her bee wand and a made her a beehive bag for treats using a leftover Michaels craft tote from her birthday party last year (post coming forthwith), felt for the beehive, ribbon for bee trail detail and $1 gemstone bumblebee. SURE you can have a closer look!

Then we set that badboy off with her “two-weeks-away-from-being-too-small” gold shoes from Target. Whew! So glad they still fit. Add those altogether with a little imagination and fabric glue, and what do ya get? A “SPARK-E-LY BEE PRINCESS” per BBH:) JEAH!  Now that’s what’s up!!!! She certainly had her fun and I enjoyed customizing her accessories.   Now ya’ll know I was tempted to try Happy Girl Hair‘s “Busy Bee” style (see our Busy Bee Hairspiration post here), but life happened and we did not have much time or energy to play around with it.  Oh but it will be done, TRUST!  Anywho, here are a few pics over the weekend.  We had two styles, BIG HAIR and buns. We simply fluffed out her dry hair twists for BIG HAIR…

Then twisted large twists together for the buns, securing them with a rubberband. Apologies there are no “good pics” for this but you can see them in some of our evening shots (and the  busted up wings!!):




Go’Head Baby!

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