Mornings Ya’ll!!  Hope the holiday weekend was lovely w/friends and fam!!! It’s holiday hair share time.  What did we do (drum roll..)?  Curlformers!!!  That’s right. After seeing how these lovelies worked on Lil’Boo of Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care I HAD to get my hands on some to review and at last I did (thank you Curlformers!!).  Let’s get to it, shall we?

First, let me preface this entire post by saying I totally goofed on the size (got extra long and wide).  BBH’s hair is long for her age, but  regular long and narrow or wide Curlformers would’ve done  the job just fine. BUT,  BBH wore them like a champ and now we have Curlformers for life as her hair will only get longer!!  Ok.  Review and reveal time:

Extra Wide and Long Curl Formers Kit

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OWEEE! 2011 has been and continues to be amazing, our best year yet for Baby Big Hair!! We gained a ton of subscribers and FB likes. We heart you and those beautiful BBH’s. Keep those pics comin’lawd!! To show our appreciation and to celebrate BIG THINGS to come, BBH is bringing in the new year with supacrazy giveaways! We’re talkin’ FABULOUS products and plenty to score on beginning in January! That’s right folks, we will be hosting at least one giveaway a week over the next few weeks, EEK! That certainly increases your chances to win in a BIG way!!! Stay tuned, and…

Go’Head Baby!!

Now that BBH is a little older (she is still my baby though:), I’m always looking for fun ways to create memories. Plus, this is the second time we have not traveled for the holiday so we’re starting to make traditions of our own. Here are a few that went over really nice that I’d like to do again next year (ain’t nobody perfect so don’t hold me to it, LOL!). Eeeek! Here we go:

BBH Cookie Bake Par-tay!

My BBH loves to cook. The minute she sees activity in the kitchen, its non stop ‘can I help you? can I help you? Mommy, mommy I want help! Pleeeeeease can I help??!?!?’ Pretty much in that order:) So I thought it would be fun to invite her BBH BFF (say that fast 3 times…) and her lil’sis over for a fun holiday cookie bake off, jeah! AND I MEAN IT WAS COMPLETE MAYHEM!! Juuussst-sprinkles everywhere-straight shots of icing to the mouth-cookie dough eating-crazinesss!! But OWWEEEE was it FUN! Def on our list of things to do next year…


A BBH Tree!
And its pink of course. Now this is supacheap and supacute. This was inspired by a “Felt Christmas Tree” post at and I had it on my mind while in Jo-Ann’s. I came across the cutest stickers that were screaming BBH! At home I drew my line and cut a large triangle shape. I fashioned garland out of ribbon and a star from metallic pipe-cleaners (ok so I’m a pipe-cleaner hoarder, I CONFESS!). We stickered away, taped to the wall and BAM, A BBH tree! Perfect for my little princess!! What I really like about this project is I can roll it up and display it again next year if I want to. AND as she grows older, and if we have a wall bare enough for it, we can have a FOREST of trees displayed all winter long. EEEEEEEK!

Totally Awesome! What are some some traditions you share with your BBH?

Go’Head Baby!

Welcome to “Baby Big Hair Blast” where we highlight BIG HAIR artisans and their muses:) Up next to the BBH stage is Mommy Keri the beautiful and fantastically talented Yara Shahidi… o_O  OHGAAAAAAA!  It’s YARA SHAHIDI!!   We spotlighted Ms. Shahidi not so long ago as an Hairspiration feature.  It is no secret we love Yara (babygirl is the slam on so many levels) and I’ve been crushin’ on that hair, in particular her twist styles, for like EVER!!  EEEK!  Let me calm down… First, let’s learn a little bit more about Yara and her interests (from the official Yara Shahidi website): Continue reading →

I sang the praises of the Wide Tooth Detangling Comb (#2) by Beautiful Curls (BC), in yesterday’s product review. Now the Double-Sided Detangling & Parting Comb shall have its due. First, I’d like to restate from our initial BC hair products review that I love BC’s strive for fine products and its community empowerment projects “aimed at alleviating poverty and advancing gender equality.” You can read more about it here. Note these beautifully crafted wooden combs are made from a local sustainable source. Basically for my green folks, it’s all good. In addition, BC claims these combs ‘will last for years with proper care’, which I do not doubt for a hot second. Well, lets get to it shall we?

Double-Sided Detangling & Parting Comb (#3)

BC’s Claim:

  • Distributing oils evenly throughout your hair
  • Reducing static electricity
  • Preventing split ends
  • Massaging and stimulating the scalp
  • Reducing stretching and breaking of hair

Price: $25.00
Durability: Craftmenship (again) is INCREDIBLE. Very strong comb with massaging like teeth. The parting tip is AWESOME!
Handling: Glorious. This comb will sing to your BBH’s hair AND part it like the Red Sea. Just strrrrrike the comb and aim, LOL! Ok, that’s going too far, but the parting is delightful like:)

All jokes aside. I can not stress how stankin’ beautiful these combs are, OHGAAAAA! I feel like a musician with a rare instrument, like I need to put them in a safe somewhere and save it for prom or BBH’s wedding day, smh… Do I just have issues or is this NOT a piece of art?
mmMMM! Man that is comb if i ever saw one. Alright now, lets see this beast in motion. I initially used the comb to detangle knots in BBH’s hair prior to detangling with Comb #2. You know those knots that make you keep side eyeing your shears? Yeah, had some of those. But thanks to that parting tip, I was able to detangle them with a little bit of focus. Check it…

Very much like detangling your fav necklace with a needle. As far as parting, this comb certainly gets the job done. BBH’s hair was already detangled and well moisturized. I decided to put her hair is large box braids to get me thru the rest of the week ’till hairwashing day. No rocket science here, I simply slid the parting tip against her scalp to section off as desired…

I gently worked the comb upward to further separate the hair into sections. Now the length of the parting section of the comb is lovely when you are working with BIG HAIR; you don’t have to stop and realign as much. Here’s the resulting part:

Veddy, veddy nice! Of course the parting tip is accompanied by a wide tooth and finer tooth comb. After parting, I simply combed thru her hair w/the wider tooth side of the comb to ensure her hair remain detangled and then worked the finer toothed side to redistribute the products. The wide tooth side is very similar to Comb #2 but not quite, comb #2’s teeth are slightly more rounded, gliding just a tad more, but not much, and the comb itself has more curvature. Whereas, Comb #3 is flat. But trust, both are really good for detangling.

I feel like a BIG girl with this comb. I’m sure glad my mom didn’t have one of these when I was younger, and if anybody had any form discipline growing up, you know exactly what I mean. Shoooo, it’s durable too?!?! Can last for years!?! Yeah…thank ya lawd!! But on the real tip, parting with this comb is really good. Not quite the precision of a metal rat tail comb, but the best precision out of all the other ‘tail’ style combs I’ve used. Plus I’ve always had ‘one eye’ on that metal tail, concerned that BBH would make a wrong move one day. As such, very happy to have this comb in our life. Again, craftmanship is STELLAR. Also LOVE the concept of the 3 part comb. It’s everything you need in the battle against detangling. Parents, grab your weapons, HA! Did I mention how beautiful the comb is?

I think it comes along with the territory of the unique design of this comb, not to mention my small hands, but the comb can get heavy when doing a lot of parting in one sitting, such as small box twists or braids. And the length of the comb, a little over 12 inches, takes some getting used to. But all well worth it, just call it your ‘hair work out’ and keeps it movin’.

You can find more information on Comb #3 here, and if you missed it check out our review on Comb #2 here.

In summation, these combs are WINNING, ok?!? I cannot wait to see them age and was ecstatic to learn I can deep condition them with BC’s Deep Conditioning Treatment and Sculpting Wax hair products, both of which we already have (see our review on the Wax and more BC products here). Love it!! It’s like waiting for Louis Vuitton handles (real or AAA fake) to turn that beautiful honey blonde, EEK! Trust, the entire BC Comb line is a dream. I simply cannot convey and thank Beautiful Curls enough for sending them to Baby Big Hair to review (and releasing them from the vault, LOL!) . Pleasure was truly ours. Beautiful Curls Combs #2 and #3…

Go’Head Baby!

EEEEK! Now “anybody that know me” knows I love me some Beautiful Curls (BC). Check out our BC Review from earlier this year. I happen to come across their combs while perusing their website one day and fell in SWOON with the detangling combs. OOWEEE they are BEAUTIFUL!!!! OHGAAAAAAA! I contacted BC to inquire about them. Next thing I know I had two beautifully crafted wooden combs in my hand. These are truly a work of art folks. Well let’s get to it shall we?

Comb #2 – Wide Tooth Detangling Comb with Handle

BC’s Claim:

  • Distributing oils evenly throughout your hair
  • Reducing static electricity
  • Preventing split ends
  • Massaging and stimulating the scalp
  • Reducing stretching and breaking of hair

Price: $17.00
Durability: Craftmenship is INCREDIBLE. Very strong comb with massaging like teeth.
Handling: Glorious. This comb will sing to your BBH’s Hair

BBH had rocked a twist out for a few days from wearing her hair in twists for a at least 2 weeks. Normally I would finger detangle her hair a bit, separating as I go etc. NOT SO MUCH with this comb. I noticed it glided with ease in her hair. Check it. But first, lets get a close up on those there teeth:

GLOREH! So pardon the picture overload, but I wanted to capture the fluid experience. Here is her hair as we started after gently detangling with hands and working out knots from a twist out she had been rocking for a few days, BTW we also use the Double-Sided Detangling & Parting Comb (BC Comb #3) to help detangle some knots. That will be Part II of this review.

Here begins our journey. I took the comb and gently worked thru hair starting at the ends…
(apologies for the blurries)

After about 3 glidding strokes this is what we get…

Keep going (now mind you, we’re glidding folks, no pulling here)..


At last until her entire head was detangled. Introducing… BBH’s shrunken fro ya’ll!!

We sectioned off and re-moisturized for our next style…

BAM! We’re done. NOW the part that will take you outta here? It took me only 45 MINUTES TO DETANGLE THIS CHILD’S HAIR!! Now if THAT dont make you give Him praise, then dont read my dag’on blog, LOL! Jus’sayin. BUT if that truly does not impress you sweety, then try this…

That ^^^ is the the amount of hair (and gunk, sorry-we keeps it real, LOL!) we lost in this detangle session, mind you again, this is from BBH’s entire head of hair. O-O… I’m not saying anything else.

This comb is BEAUTIFUL, so well crafted. The teeth just glide thru her hair. I actually tried a dry section of her hair and it still worked! Detangle time was drastically cut down. Daddy BBH was in shock, like YOU DONE?!?!- yeah, like that. I am also impressed with light amount or hair shedding.

Mmm-NONE! Trust, you want this under the tree somewhere…

Learn more about this lovely comb here. Stay tuned for Part II of this comb(s) review when we break down the Double-Sided Detangling & Parting Comb (BC Comb #3). Until then…

Go’Head Baby!

OOOOWEEEEE!  Talk about throwing out your “moms jeans”!! I love me some Folake of Style Pantry. Homegirl has her Masters in Flyism, and B.A. in GET IT! And good lawd that BIG HAIR?!?! OO LA LA LA, It’s flawless!!  She posts pics like e’ryDAY and without fail, BIG HAIR is on an poppin’. I love her originality, her style, her flav.  Oh she’s the slam y’all, trust.  HHhhhh. I can’t wait for BBH’s hair to get this full and long and put my weight on it at this LEVEL. Just sic…..

In the meantime, this chick has gear for dayzzzzz. Check her out at where she covers “everyday fashion finds, style tips, outfits, and the latest fashion updates from runway to new campaigns and lookbooks.” Like the StylePantry FaceBook Page for daily doses of fabrociousness. If it were not so, I would have told you.  Ms. Folake…

Go’Head Baby!