OOOOWEEEEE!  Talk about throwing out your “moms jeans”!! I love me some Folake of Style Pantry. Homegirl has her Masters in Flyism, and B.A. in GET IT! And good lawd that BIG HAIR?!?! OO LA LA LA, It’s flawless!!  She posts pics like e’ryDAY and without fail, BIG HAIR is on an poppin’. I love her originality, her style, her flav.  Oh she’s the slam y’all, trust.  HHhhhh. I can’t wait for BBH’s hair to get this full and long and put my weight on it at this LEVEL. Just sic…..

In the meantime, this chick has gear for dayzzzzz. Check her out at where she covers “everyday fashion finds, style tips, outfits, and the latest fashion updates from runway to new campaigns and lookbooks.” Like the StylePantry FaceBook Page for daily doses of fabrociousness. If it were not so, I would have told you.  Ms. Folake…

Go’Head Baby!


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