I sang the praises of the Wide Tooth Detangling Comb (#2) by Beautiful Curls (BC), in yesterday’s product review. Now the Double-Sided Detangling & Parting Comb shall have its due. First, I’d like to restate from our initial BC hair products review that I love BC’s strive for fine products and its community empowerment projects “aimed at alleviating poverty and advancing gender equality.” You can read more about it here. Note these beautifully crafted wooden combs are made from a local sustainable source. Basically for my green folks, it’s all good. In addition, BC claims these combs ‘will last for years with proper care’, which I do not doubt for a hot second. Well, lets get to it shall we?

Double-Sided Detangling & Parting Comb (#3)

BC’s Claim:

  • Distributing oils evenly throughout your hair
  • Reducing static electricity
  • Preventing split ends
  • Massaging and stimulating the scalp
  • Reducing stretching and breaking of hair

Price: $25.00
Durability: Craftmenship (again) is INCREDIBLE. Very strong comb with massaging like teeth. The parting tip is AWESOME!
Handling: Glorious. This comb will sing to your BBH’s hair AND part it like the Red Sea. Just strrrrrike the comb and aim, LOL! Ok, that’s going too far, but the parting is delightful like:)

All jokes aside. I can not stress how stankin’ beautiful these combs are, OHGAAAAA! I feel like a musician with a rare instrument, like I need to put them in a safe somewhere and save it for prom or BBH’s wedding day, smh… Do I just have issues or is this NOT a piece of art?
mmMMM! Man that is comb if i ever saw one. Alright now, lets see this beast in motion. I initially used the comb to detangle knots in BBH’s hair prior to detangling with Comb #2. You know those knots that make you keep side eyeing your shears? Yeah, had some of those. But thanks to that parting tip, I was able to detangle them with a little bit of focus. Check it…

Very much like detangling your fav necklace with a needle. As far as parting, this comb certainly gets the job done. BBH’s hair was already detangled and well moisturized. I decided to put her hair is large box braids to get me thru the rest of the week ’till hairwashing day. No rocket science here, I simply slid the parting tip against her scalp to section off as desired…

I gently worked the comb upward to further separate the hair into sections. Now the length of the parting section of the comb is lovely when you are working with BIG HAIR; you don’t have to stop and realign as much. Here’s the resulting part:

Veddy, veddy nice! Of course the parting tip is accompanied by a wide tooth and finer tooth comb. After parting, I simply combed thru her hair w/the wider tooth side of the comb to ensure her hair remain detangled and then worked the finer toothed side to redistribute the products. The wide tooth side is very similar to Comb #2 but not quite, comb #2’s teeth are slightly more rounded, gliding just a tad more, but not much, and the comb itself has more curvature. Whereas, Comb #3 is flat. But trust, both are really good for detangling.

I feel like a BIG girl with this comb. I’m sure glad my mom didn’t have one of these when I was younger, and if anybody had any form discipline growing up, you know exactly what I mean. Shoooo, it’s durable too?!?! Can last for years!?! Yeah…thank ya lawd!! But on the real tip, parting with this comb is really good. Not quite the precision of a metal rat tail comb, but the best precision out of all the other ‘tail’ style combs I’ve used. Plus I’ve always had ‘one eye’ on that metal tail, concerned that BBH would make a wrong move one day. As such, very happy to have this comb in our life. Again, craftmanship is STELLAR. Also LOVE the concept of the 3 part comb. It’s everything you need in the battle against detangling. Parents, grab your weapons, HA! Did I mention how beautiful the comb is?

I think it comes along with the territory of the unique design of this comb, not to mention my small hands, but the comb can get heavy when doing a lot of parting in one sitting, such as small box twists or braids. And the length of the comb, a little over 12 inches, takes some getting used to. But all well worth it, just call it your ‘hair work out’ and keeps it movin’.

You can find more information on Comb #3 here, and if you missed it check out our review on Comb #2 here.

In summation, these combs are WINNING, ok?!? I cannot wait to see them age and was ecstatic to learn I can deep condition them with BC’s Deep Conditioning Treatment and Sculpting Wax hair products, both of which we already have (see our review on the Wax and more BC products here). Love it!! It’s like waiting for Louis Vuitton handles (real or AAA fake) to turn that beautiful honey blonde, EEK! Trust, the entire BC Comb line is a dream. I simply cannot convey and thank Beautiful Curls enough for sending them to Baby Big Hair to review (and releasing them from the vault, LOL!) . Pleasure was truly ours. Beautiful Curls Combs #2 and #3…

Go’Head Baby!
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